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PSHS - Letter from an "Army Soup"

Preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of the Philippine Scouts for present and future generations

Letter from an "Army Soup"

From 1st Sgt. Felix D. Saguing, USMC Retired

Dear Sirs:

My father served in the Philippine Scouts, retiring in 1948. He was with the 12th Medical Battalion stationed at Fort William McKinley where I and another brother was born just before WWII. I am proud of my scout connection and to be referred to as an "Army Soup", a monicker given to children of scouts.

I conducted a research of my father's military service and determined from his records that he joined in Dapitan, Zamboanga and participated in a number of skirmishes against the Moros in the region. His records also indicated that he was posted at Pettit Barracks and was in Cebu before ending up at Fort McKinley. I have a photo of my father and I in front of our quarters at the 12thMedBn barrio.

He was captured on Bataan and because he never said much about his experiences as a POW, I was never able to determine what POW camp he was held at and the circumstances that led to his release. I can remember well when he said goodbye to us to rejoin US forces on their return to the islands. I was 6 years old then. He died in 1965 and was interred in the Philippines. My family and I visits his grave site as often as we possibly can and I have always made an effort to visit what remains of the old "Fort Mac".

I am now in possession of a book published by the PS Heritage Society titled The Philippine Scouts. It was given to me as a gift by another PS veteran and treasures it as a memory of my father's loyal service to the famed Philippine Scouts and to the country. I would like very much to hear from other interested descendants of this proud organization.

Semper Fidelis

Felix D. Saguing
1st Sgt, USMC Retired


Last modified: 11-May-2007