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Letter from an "Army Soup"

From 1st Sgt. Felix D. Saguing, USMC Retired

Dear Sirs:

My father served in the Philippine Scouts, retiring in 1948. He was with the 12th Medical Battalion stationed at Fort William McKinley where I and another brother was born just before WWII. I am proud of my scout connection and to be referred to as an "Army Soup", a monicker given to children of scouts.

I conducted a research of my father's military service and determined from his records that he joined in Dapitan, Zamboanga and participated in a number of skirmishes against the Moros in the region. His records also indicated that he was posted at Pettit Barracks and was in Cebu before ending up at Fort McKinley. I have a photo of my father and I in front of our quarters at the 12thMedBn barrio.

He was captured on Bataan and because he never said much about his experiences as a POW, I was never able to determine what POW camp he was held at and the circumstances that led to his release. I can remember well when he said goodbye to us to rejoin US forces on their return to the islands. I was 6 years old then. He died in 1965 and was interred in the Philippines. My family and I visits his grave site as often as we possibly can and I have always made an effort to visit what remains of the old "Fort Mac".

I am now in possession of a book published by the PS Heritage Society titled The Philippine Scouts. It was given to me as a gift by another PS veteran and treasures it as a memory of my father's loyal service to the famed Philippine Scouts and to the country. I would like very much to hear from other interested descendants of this proud organization.

Semper Fidelis

Felix D. Saguing
1st Sgt, USMC Retired


Last modified: 11-May-2007