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PSHS - Philippine Scout Rosters of 1945

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Philippine Scouts, Alphabetical Roster of 1945

Download the Philippine Scout Roster of 1945 (38.1 MB)

The Alphabetical Roster of Philippine Scouts is a listing of the P.S. personnel who reported back to the U.S. Army in 1945. It most likely dates between May 1945 and July 1946.

Please note that those who were KIA on Bataan & Corregidor, or MIA will not appear on the list. (See the available 1941-1942 rosters for those who may have served during the Philippine Defense Campaign.)

On the 1945 roster, you'll notice most of them are assigned to:

  1. One of Eight MP battalions (to guard the U.S. bases and depots across the islands)
  2. REPL DEPOT (in reserve at replacement depots)
  3. PATDET (patient detachments, recovering at a hospital)
  4. PS DET AP (Philippine Scouts Detachment, Armed Forces Pacific)
  5. CONCOR (Construction Corps of the Philippines)
  6. PHIBSEC (Philippine Base Section)
  7. US A TNG GP (US Army Training Group)

These assignments were temporary. They would eventually be reassigned to more permanent posts.

Special thanks to Robert Hudson and the PVAO.


Last modified: 20-Apr-2018