Preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of the Philippine Scouts for present and future generations

1st & 2nd Infantry (Filipino) Regiments

by J. Michael Houlahan

The First and Second Filipino Infantry Regiments were formed in California in 1942, consisting of Filipinos who were not in the islands when the Japanese attacked and Filipino-American volunteers. The units were part of the Army of the United States and trained at Camp Luis Obispo, Fort Ord, Camp Beale, and Camp Roberts, California through mid-1943.

Around April 1943, General Courtney Whitney flew to California from MacArthur's headquarters in Australia, and selected several hundred men out of this organization to be brought to Australia for training in intelligence gathering, radio operations, weather observation and sabotage. They were formed into coast watcher and "penetration" teams that went into the Philippines ahead of the U.S. invasion.

Many of these fine soldiers were integrated into Philippine Scout units following the war and all of them fought side by side with Scouts during the liberation of the Philippines. The Philippine Scouts Heritage Society invites veterans of these two units, as well as their families and friends to join our Society.


Last modified: 09-Oct-2016