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Regiments, Units & Bases


Philippine Scouts Units

12th Medical Regt. (PS)
12th Signal Co. (PS)
12th Ordnance Co. (PS)
12th Quartermaster Regt. (PS)
12th Infantry Division (PS)

14th Engineers Regt. (PS)

23rd Field Artillery Regt. (PS)
24th Field Artillery Regt. (PS)
25th Field Artillery Regt. (PS)

26th Cavalry Regt. (PS)

43rd Infantry Regt. (PS)
44th Infantry Regt. (PS)
45th Infantry Regt. (PS)
57th Infantry Regt. (PS)
62nd Infantry (PS) Pre-WWI

76th Ordnance Ammunition Co. (PS)

77th Infantry (PS) Pre-WWI
78th Infantry (PS) Pre-WWI
79th Infantry (PS) Pre-WWI

86th Field Artillery Bn. (PS)
88th Field Artillery Regt. (PS)

63rd Quartermaster Co. (PS) “New Scout” Unit

76th Ordnance Ammunition Co. (PS) “New Scout”Unit

81st Harbor Craft Co., Transportation Corps (PS) “New Scout” Unit

91st Coast Artillery Regt. (PS)
92nd Coast Artillery Regt. (PS)

191st Military Police Co. (PS)

252nd Signal Construction Co. (PS)

1st & 2nd Infantry Regiments (Filipino)



Map courtesy of Philip Garcia.

Camp Rizal
Ft. McKinley


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