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PSHS - Roster of the 26th Cav. Regt. (PS): Part 2

Preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of the Philippine Scouts for present and future generations

Roster of the 26th Cavalry Regiment (PS)

Part 2: Troops "E" thru "Machine Gun"

As of December 1941

+ Listed as Killed in Action or Missing in Action
* Survived WWII & Served in ā€œCā€ Troop/Company, 1st Military Police Battalion (PS)

Troop "E" Roster

1st Sergeant Leon Amigable+

Staff Sergeant Juan Beleno*


Acosta, Rafael
Basco, Damaso K.
Burcelis, Aurelio

De La Pena, Eugenio
Delos Santos, Jose
Masangcay, Manuel+

Oyzon, Proceso
Varela, Juan+


Baluyat, Enrique*
Dela Cruz, Jeremias*
Estipona, Federico

Fernandez, Felipe A.
Gualta, Gonzalo
Marmolijo, Florentino

Padilla, Rufino
Ramirez, Antonino
Rozales, Fidel

Privates First Class

Abaci, Alejandro
Ballesteros, Mauricio
Balmores, Lorenzo R.
Basa, Isidro
Bautista, Terso*
Bautista, Victoriano
Cabigas, Saturnino
Carino, Jacob

Claseto, Eufrocino+
Gonzales, Jesus
Guianan, Tranquilino
Herrera, Jose R.
Lazo, Alberto
Limon, Graciano
Lopez, Ricardo M.
Magbanua, Selvino

Maionzo, Severino M.
Millano, Pedro
Ordono, Perfecto I.
Ramos, Guillermo
Rimorin, Nemecio
Salangsang, Gregorio
Tamayo, Victorio Q.


Abarquez, Angel A.
Acedo, Vincente G.
Aloquin, Federico+
Baccay, Germiniano*
Banaga, Manuel D.
Bernal, Bernardo
Bondoc, Alfredo
Cabigas, Alberto+
Canaberal, Felipe B.
Carrera, Anastacio G.*
Castaneda, Delfin
Cataulin, Edgardo F.
Claseto, Norberto C.
Corpuz, Alfonso D.
Cristobal, Quirino B.*

Dano, Alejo D.
De Vera, Agripino
Dumaoal, Marcelino D.
Echavarre, Alfonso
Erne, Miguel
Euperio, Pedro*
Gelacio, Elias G.
Ibanez, Amado*
Laboc, Joaquin P.
Manuntag, Servando
Marzo, Juan+
Medina, Fernando+
Melegrito, Bernardo B.
Mercado, Emilio*
Mercado, Felix

Mitchell, Ritchie+
Pablo, Benito B.*
Paculanan, Leonido+
Palma, Francisco
Palmejar, Gregorio
Rabino, Rodolfo+
Rio, Gregorio
Rivera, Pedro
Rogan, Louis
Sablay, Francisco S.+
Salonga, Dominador
Santa Maria, Jose A.
Sibalon, Nicholas
Supnet, Federico C.*
Tubig, Emilio*

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Troop "F" Roster

1st Sergeant Juan C. Bilcera

Staff Sergeant Severo Masangcay+


Aplaon, Geronimo
Damazo, Jose
Diccion, Vincente C.

Espinosa, Basilio
Garife, Gaudencio M.+
Landinguin, Venancio+

Sampaga, Nepomocino*
Vargas, Brigido


Apilado, Higenio
Aurigui, Serapin*
Bolosan, Simeon E.+
Garbin, Eligio*

Reclosado, Francisco
Romingquet, Bernardo*
Tolentino, Fidel+
Umipig, Pedro A.

Urbano, Perfecto
Ventenilla, Rafael L.+

Privates First Class

Alcobendas, Pedro*
Alonzo, Rodrico
Anastacio, Eustaquio+
Benabese, Eutiquio+
De Leon, Longeno+
Dela Cruz, Jacinto*
Dela Cruz, Manuel
Dela Vega, Breccio G.

Diaz, Florencio
Eslava, Juan O.+
Gonzalez, Luis
Guzman, Apolinario
Lao, Benjanin B.
Nool, Zacarias
Regala, Timoteo V.
Restauro, Florentino

Rom, Restituto+
Samzon, Gonzalo P.
Tirante, Alfredo
Velasquez, Felix+
Ventura, Efigeneio C.*
Villas, Eusebio+


Abarquez, Hilario+
Ancheta, Jose*
Antonio, Joffre C.*
Aquino, Alejandro
Banez, Urbano
Bautista, Funciano*
Cabauatan, Tito+
Cruz, Nicanor M.+
Dacio, Emiliano+
Dayrit, Domingo
De Los Santos, B.
Del Rosario, Eduardo*
Dominguiz, Benito
Domulot, Diomedes
Espino, Jose A.
Evangelista, Reymundo+

Felicitas, Emiliano
Figuracion, Dominador (Dan)
Gamido, Eulogio G.+
Garcia, Andres T.
Gargaritano, Felipe
Gaspar, Anselmo
Gollaba, Eduardo
Gomes, Hermengildo*
Gragasin, Santiago+
Ignacio, Celestino
Lanuza, Salvador
Lapitan, Antonio+
Lucero, Cayetano V.*
Mangosing, Simplicio G.+
Marinas, Agripino C.*
Masela, Arturo N. Jr.

Mataban, Eduardo D.*
Mendoza, Gregorio M.
Noriega, Jesus G.
Pelaez, Antonio L.
Ramos, Felix+
Recomeo, Raymondo
Romero, Eleuterio
Salvador, Jose A.
Simeon, Benjamin Z.
Simon, Narciso
Sonza, Alejandro
Tamoria, Rubin
Tiangsing, Pedro A.*
Urbano, Raymundo

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Troop "G" Roster

1st Sergeant Sabiniano Ibanez

Staff Sergeant Emilio Juntado


Alipio, Amando D.+
Almonte, Julian+
Arangcon, Gregorio

Bitanca, Cosme A.
Figuracion, Juan
Hulguin, German

Joves, Eusebio R.
Sampaga, Clemente
Ybalio, Engracio


Agtotobo, Calixto+
Borra, Jose
Corrales, Aproniano M.
Dasalla, Alejo

Farinas, Clemente C.
Luzada, Victoriano*
Mendoza, Pedro
Nemenzo, Fasiano

Porlaris, Estanislao*
Sanpedro, Jose

Privates First Class

Acidello, Braulio
Amara, Vidal+
Apilado, Jose
Baldos, Cirilo+
Bitanga, Amador
Cirineo, Guillermo+
Cornel, Antero+
Cosme, Rosendo

Cristobal, Cornelio
Dacanay, Pedro
De Vera, Egmedio
Garcia, Segundo D.+
Lerguna, Gregorio
Loremas, Benito
Medina, Francisco
Orlaris, Simplicio

Ortiz, Zacarias U.
Saveliana, Luciano+
Sinlao, Angelo+
Sotelo, Valentin
Vargas, Feliciano*
Yabut, Patricio
Yumal, Antonino


Abalos, Reinfredo+
Abril, Crispiniano J.
Aquino, Melecio+
Balmaceda, Leopoldo+
Bauzon, Rodolfo
Belvis, Rogelio D.+
Berras, Ismael
Borongan, Daniel+
Burcelis, Tomas+
Cabardo, Pio
Cabiao, Floresto
Caguioa, Teofilo P.*
Camat, Longabardo+
Carino, Eulalio+
Castro, Fortunato
Cortez, Onofre+

De Leon, Gregorio
De Manzana, Moises+
Dela Cruz, Juan
Domingo, Procopio+
Drilo, Alfredo
Duco, Pedro M.*
Dugay, Juan
Frago, Santiago+
Games, Tranquilino
Gerochi, Jovito A.
Lacierna, Julio
Legaspi, Miguel B.+
Leonin, Ciriaco C.+
Mabanglo, Quinciano+
Macasieb, Ricardo
Mangawang, Bernardo M.+

Nastor, Emeterio M.
Nato, Leovegildo B.+
Nool, Dionisio+
Ojastro, Canuto P.+
Perez, Emeterio+
Remorin, Mariano+
Repunte, Teofilo+
Repunte, Venerando+
Reyes, Maximino R.*
Santos, Crisostomo P.
Tabaquero, Cesareo
Taguinod, Lorenzo+
Terrado, Narciso
Tuana, Jose

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Machine Gun Troop Roster

1st Sergeant Gregorio G. Bustos+

Staff Sergeant Doroteo Marayag


Basco, Jose O.
Collado, Castor+
Cruz, Glido N.+
Gundran, Patricio

Gurion, Pedro
Lagamon, Gabriel+
Limjoco, Domingo
Lorenzo, Rufino*

Montemayor, Pedro
Paculanan, Francisco+
Quitoriano, Apolinar
Silva, Jose R.+


Abagat, Antonio+
Balmores, Silvino R.
Bardelas, Jesus E.
Bulatao, Pedro*
Corpuz, Jose

Eres, Mateo C.
Gatdula, Mariano
Legayo, Cristobal+
Metchor, Pedro*
Obras, Martin

Ramilo, Eusebio
Ramilo, Ricardo P.
Roqueno, Elias

Privates First Class

Belnas, Leopoldo
Cabiging, Fidel*
Cardenas, Eufemio+
Cruz, Florencio*
Cunanan, Roman
De Guzman, Roman+
Dela Cruz, Arsenio*
Domingo, Macario
Elgarico, Apolinario
Felicitas, Gerardo

Funtanilla, Santiago*
Galsim, Pedro A.
Gepalaga, Francisco
Gungap, Luis
Irigon, Mario*
Lomboy, Santos S.*
Manalang, Nicolas
Manangan, Segundo+
Mariano, Antonio C.
Matias, Maximo D.*

Millo, Candido+
Pacis, Roman
Paredes, Emiliano
Polintan, Pedro*
Popoy, Pascual
Samson, Hermelando L.
Selidio, Selvino+
Sonza, Bernabe M.
Toralba, Fermin*
Ysip, Victoriano+


Allarte, Juan
Bacani, Clemente C.
Baladad, Macario+
Balmorez, Supicio
Bautista, Pablo
Bermuda, Lorenzo T.
Branson, Albert P.
Camarao, Bonifacio C.
Cambronero, Pedro+
Castro, Luciano+
Cayabyab, Marcelo*
Cinense, Bonifacio+
Cortez, Luis
Dalmacio, Pedro
David, Orlando S.
De Grano, Felipe+
De Guzman, Lope+
Dolores, Timoteo S.+
Duplon, Adriano+

Edwards, George Q.
Elcarico, Dionicio
Escandor, Ricardo
Evangelista, Porferio C.
Feir, Benjamin B.
Fernandez, Leon V.*
Florita, Anastacio A.
Gandeza, Anastacio+
Geronimo, Emiliano A.
Gomez, Bonifacio B.+
Gonzales, Francisco
Gurion, Vicente
Hulguin, Demetrio T.+
Israel, Ireneo+
Layug, Felix
Liban, Rufino S.+
Lomboy, Telesforo
Lucero, Mariano V.+
Madarang, Gaspar+

Malonzo, Antonio
Marayac, Abraham A.
Marinas, Jose
Olivares, Rafael P.
Ollero, Juan
Pascual, Aquilino
Punsalan, Amado+
Ramos, Narciso D.
Reyes, Rodegar+
Reyes, Zacarias
Sayan, Emiterio
Soliman, Isaias+
Solis, Francisco
Sonnico, Hermenegildo
Tamayo, Arcadio D.*
Tamondong, Rafael C.+
Tang, Ricardo+
Toralba, Alejandro J.*

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