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26th Cavalry Regiment (PS) Militaria

1st Lieutenant Uniform (ca. 1922)

A pea-green-colored uniform of an early 26th Cavalry (PS) 1st Lieutenant. It features a stand up collar, fitted with the spring-loaded officer's brass insignia with "Rolled Plate" marked on the back. (Courtesy of PDC)

C Company Supply Sergeant Uniform (ca. 1926-1931)

The Class A uniform of the C Company Supply Sergeant. The initials "J.V.H." are written on the underside of the hat. (Courtesy of the PDC)

1st Lieutenant Ernesto Tesalla's Khaki Shirts (1949)

The top row showcases Ernesto Tesalla's Master Sergeant shirts, which are actually officer's shirts with M. Sgt. chevrons.

After serving as a 1st Lieutenant, Army of the United States (AUS), he reverted back to his Regular Army rank of Master Sergeant in 1949. The bottom row displays his 1st Lieutenant khaki shirt. He later served during the Korean War and retired in 1955 as a 1st Lt.

During WWII, Tesalla was a Staff Sergeant with HQ & Supply Company, 26th Cavalry (PS). Prior to that, he was a member of Battery A, 24th Field Artillery Regt. (PS). (Photographs & biography courtesy of the PDC)


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