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PSHS - 14th Engineer Regiment (PS) Militaria

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14th Engineer Regiment (PS) Militaria

Major Melchor V. Diokno's Uniform & Documents

(above) A 1937 panoramic photo of HQ & Service Company of the 14th Engineer Regiment. The man highlighted is then Corporal Melchor V. Diokno. In a letter talking about the panoramic photo, (below) Colonel William P. Jones writes about the great experiences he's had with Diokno (Courtesy of Cedric Jasmin).

Melchor V. Diokno was born in the Philippines on January 6, 1911. He enlisted with the U.S. Army’s Philippine Scouts, specifically B Company, 14th Engineer Regiment. (PS) He was a private, sixth class by the end of his first enlistment in 1933.

In 1937, as a corporal, Diokno was company clerk of the Headquarters & Service Company. Colonel William P. Jones, Jr. called him a “very intelligent and fairly well educated man.”

During WWII, he was a technical sergeant with the Service Company. He eventually became sergeant major of the regiment during the Bataan Campaign.

When the Luzon Force under Major General Edward P. King surrendered, Diokno surrendered as well. He survived the Bataan Death March. The Japanese later released him.

Diokno returned to the military on February 20, 1945. He and the other surviving Scouts were offered options of assignment to the Regular Army and U.S. Citizenship. He accepted both and by the fall of 1945, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He was assigned to the Construction Corps of the Philippines together with the other surviving members of the 14th Engineers.

He later served during the Korean War, enlisting on March 1, 1951. His captain’s uniform was from when he served with the 8149th Army Service Unit.

He retired on February 28, 1957 as a major in the Army Reserves. At the time, he was Assistant Property Officer at Camp Stoneman.

Afterwards, he was Pittsburg, California's finance officer for many years. He passed in May of 1974.

(Courtesy of the PDC Collection)


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