Preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of the Philippine Scouts for present and future generations

Philippine Scout Militaria

Philippine Scout-related militaria (such as uniforms, medals, gear, etc.) are quite hard to come by for many different reasons, including the the fact that the Scouts were stationed overseas and, later, items had to be abandoned during the Defense of the Philippines in 1941-42.

When one does come across these artifacts, however, they speak a thousand historical words.

The following pages document the Philippine Scout-related militaria that this Society has come across as well as the histories of the men and women that wore them. Each one has a unique story that the PSHS seeks to preserve and share with everyone.

So welcome to the Philippine Scouts' online museum & repository.

Headquarters Company, Philippine Division

  • Major General Stanley H. Ford's Uniform
    Commander of the 23rd Infantry Brigade (PS), Philippine Division & Philippine Department

12th Medical Regiment (PS)

12th Quartermaster Regiment (PS)

  • Major Floyd D. Jones' Uniform (1935-1937)

14th Engineer Regiment (PS)

26th Cavalry Regiment (PS)

57th Infantry Regiment (PS)

The militaria featured in this section and subsequent subsections is not for sale. Many of these items belong to private individuals and have given the Society permission to post these for educational and memorial purposes only.


Last modified: 20-Apr-2018