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PSHS - Spirit of '45 Event

Preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of the Philippine Scouts for present and future generations

Spirit of '45 Event

Saturday, August 10, 2013, Los Angeles, CA

The Nininger Chapter made a great showing at the Spirit of '45 Event and thanks to Robert Tidwell, Colin Tidwell, Jun Mislang, Andrew Mislang, Monty Hom, Michael Moore, April Moore and Louis Cogut for being able to participate. Our booth was a 10 x 10 and we had one six foot table. We brought medals, DUI's, Ramsey's Last Charge poster and a battle of Bataan poster along with a few bolo knives and machetes. A big draw was the large picture of us when we were awarded first place in the Prado Dam event in 2008. It was good that they allowed us to have our Springfields and Garands as it also attracted a lot of the Vets and the story they all told was how fast they could take them guns apart and put them back together. Neat stories. Look forward to being there again next year. (Courtesy of Gil Mislang)

On the left is Monty Hom, our member who re-enacts Corregidor's US 4th Marine Regiment soldier with his son giving an outstanding salute.

An unnamed Marine wrote the following lyrics just before the battle for Corregidor. "An unnamed Marine from the 4th Marine Regiment wrote the following lyrics to the tune of the ' Marines' Hymn,' just before going into battle in Corregidor. The author of "The Corregidor Hymn" was captured by the Japanese in the battle and was never seen again. "First to jump for holes and tunnels And to keep our skivvies clean, We are proud to claim the title of Corregidor's Marines. "Our drawers unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun. We have jumped into every hole and ditch And for us the fightin' was fun. "We have plenty of guns and ammunition But not cigars and cigarettes, At the last we may smoking leaves Wrapped in Nipponese propaganda leaflets. "When the Army and the Navy Looked out Corregidor's Tunnel Queen, They saw the beaches guarded by more than one Marine!"

Spirit of 45', Part II. Nininger Chapter Members in Attendance. We had two new recruits, Matthew and Andrew Mislang, with Jun and Gil Mislang, Louis Cogut, Robert and Colin Tidwell (Ge. Douglas MacArthur and Aide), Monty Hom and his Wife (currently, Active US Navy Lieutenant) and Michael and April Moore (Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt and USO Lady).

The original press release from the Nininger Chapter.


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