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PSHS - Commemorative Envelopes

Preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of the Philippine Scouts for present and future generations

Commemorative Envelopes

Commemorative Envelope - 100th Anniversary of the Philippine Scouts' organization

Pete Sarmiento, a philatelist and the son of a Philippine Scout, designed the pictorial cancellation, which was approved by the USPS. The Washington, DC cancellation was chosen because it is the location of Congress, which approved the formation of the Philippine Scouts. The date of issue was the 100th Anniversary of the Philippine Scouts' organization. Two thirds of the nearly 12,000 Philippine Scouts at the outbreak of the war were in the Philippine Division. Significant numbers also were in the 26th Cavalry (PS), 43rd Infantry (PS), 86th and 88th Field Artillery (PS), 91st and 92nd Coastal Artillery (PS), as well as various Service Detachments.

Commemorative Envelope - World War II Memorial

Pete Sarmiento also designed this first day commemorative envelope.


Last modified: 11-May-2007