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Veterans History Project - Official Partner

Veterans History Project - Official Partner

The Philippine Scouts Heritage Society has become a an official partner of the Library of Congress and the American Folklife Center in the Veterans History Project. The mission of this project "is to collect the memories, accounts, and documents of war veterans from World War I, World War II and the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars, and to preserve these stories of experience and service for future generations." Ms. Cion Rael is our Veterans History Project Coordinator. You can visit the project website at


The American Historical Collection

Established in 1950, the American Historical Collection consists of 13,000 books, 16,000 photographs, and other materials related to the American experience in the Philippines and to the relationship of the two countries. With the possible exception of the holdings of the Library of Congress, it is the largest, most diverse and most complete in the world.

While the collection emphasizes the U.S. colonial period from 1898-1946, it also includes considerable post-1946 material.

This bonanza for researchers is housed in the Rizal Library at Ateneo de Manila University in Loyola Heights, Quezon City in the Philippines. The collection is open to the public on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday mornings. A small fee is charged for access and for the reproduction of photos and other documents. To contact the collection staff, telephone (63-2) 426-6001, ext. 5817 or fax (63-2) 426-5691. The collection's email address is and its website is

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Fort Sam Houston Museum

Further information is available on the Philippine Scouts at the Fort Sam Houston Museum website ( The Museum, located on a U.S. Army base in San Antonio, Texas, is the official USG repository for Philippine Scout memorabilia.


The Nininger-Patterson Collection

The Nininger-Patterson collection on WWII in the Philippines is housed in the U.S. Military Academy library and is dedicated to the memory of West Point graduate and Philippine Scout officer Lt. Alexander R. Nininger, Jr. Serving with the 57th Infantry (PS), Lt. Nininger was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII for his courage in combat on Bataan. The collection contains over 500 books, manuscripts, letters and journals covering the period from the 12/8/41 Japanese invasion, until General MacArthur's return in 1944.

Visit the U.S. Military Academy Library for details on the collection.


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