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President's Memorial Day Message

Friends, My Memorial Day Message,

As most of you are painfully aware, Memorial Day is a special day and sad for me personally. I hope it is a special day for each of you also.

As a nation still at war, we should remember those who have fallen in ongoing conflicts as well as those who have died in wars past. As the years pass it becomes more difficult for me to find new and different ways to convey my thoughts and feelings on this very special day. So please forgive me for some reiteration.

I hope each of you has a wonderful long weekend and a great Memorial Day celebration. All I would ask is that over the weekend and on Monday specifically, you take a moment here and there to think about the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform.

Those who have sacrificed their lives for our way of life. Enjoy the Day, as that is what is intended. However, also remember the reason for it and remember. Remember the long days and nights away from home, the cold, the heat, the fear, the terror, the loneliness, the absent parent, the distraught child or spouse, the heartbroken parent, and mostly remember the service member who willingly went in harm’s way and gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep you safe and free. It just takes a minute….

Why Memorial Day is still kept? It celebrates and solemnly reaffirms year to year a national act of enthusiasm and faith.... As surely as this day comes around, and on this day we decorate their graves, the dead come back to live with us... It is not the dead alone that we think of this day. There are those still living who did not offer their lives but who gave instead their happiness. Reminds me of a popular saying... Some gave all, all gave some...

I hope each of you, your families and loved ones have a great three day weekend and a lovely Memorial Day.

However you remember, please take a moment to let our fallen heroes know we will never forget them or their sacrifice.

Kuya (General) Oscar


Last modified: 25-May-2015