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Harold Kenneth "Hal" Snook, Jr 34th Inf (Read 753 times)
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Harold Kenneth "Hal" Snook, Jr 34th Inf
Jun 17th, 2018, 9:07am
Hello:-) I am helping the family of Hal Snook, Jr research their grandfather's history in WWII. His discharge papers say "Philippine Scouts." He told them NOTHING about his WWII service. They do know he also fought in the New Guinea campaign, and in the liberation campaign in Mindanao in 1945. As far as I can figure out, he "must" have been in the 34th Infantry Regiment, which had been split off from the 8th division after Pearl Harbor and was attached to 12th Inf Div for the Philippine campaign. Apparently, Snook was trained in chemistry, explosives, communications, cryptoanalysis, and other "commando" skills. He seems to have been familiar with the "Eskaya" dialect of Cebuano, and may have been liaison to them in 1945-46. But he never told his family ANYTHING. They do have one photo of him with a crew of a lumbermill, probably on Mindanao. Can anyone explain why his discharge papers say "Philippine Scouts?" When he reupped for the Korean War, he went into the Air Force as an officer and worked in Japan on radar, but I don't know if he worked radar in WWII. But he kept his WWII activities a secret, even from his family. Thanks very much for any info or advice! I have attached a photo of him in his AF uniform.
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