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Walter E. Herlinger-Civilian POW circa May 1944 (Read 3983 times)
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Walter E. Herlinger-Civilian POW circa May 1944
Jan 14th, 2014, 8:34am
My Uncle, Walter E Herlinger, escaped Germany in 1933 and ended up in the Philippine Islands in 1934.  He married Elizabeth B. Diesel, a former US Army nurse, in Baguio on March 31, 1941. Their daughter, Ann Marie was born on Oct 20, 1943 at the Hospital Notre Dame de Lourdes in Baguio.

I have correspondence from my Uncle to my mother and grandmother through November 1941. After the Japanese invasion and occupation, there is no correspondence. I do have a letter from Elizabeth to my grandmother on March 20, 1945 indicating that she and Ann will be returning to the states on a repatriation ship sometime in April.  In this letter, my Aunt writes "The Japs took Walter from us last May 15th and I have heard nothing about him since. Have tried to locate him but apparently he has been sent with the rest of the military prisoners to Japan."

As my Mother, Aunt, and Cousin are no longer living, they can not fill-in the details of what happened after the Japanese invaded or if an additional information on Walter was ever found.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me with any information on my Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin during the 1941 thru 1945 time period.

If not, what would be your suggestions on where I should focus my search?


Mike Baum
7601 Valley Dale Drive
Austin, Texas  78731
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