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Narciso L. Manzano (Read 10513 times)
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Narciso L. Manzano
Feb 17th, 2013, 3:03pm
I am fascinated by Narciso L. Manzano's story. I read Chris Schaefer's Bataan Diary and also found that he was a key witness in a 1941 treason trial of Rufo C. Romero, who was accused of stealing maps. The appeal went on even after the surrender. I found a newspaper article about Manzano's wife being detained fora few hours when she entered the US after 1945. The rest of the Filipinos on her ship were not allowed to enter the country.

I'm curious about Manzano's demolition work during January 1942. I know his engineer unit was unable to cross in time and Wainwright personally ordered the bridge to be blown. Manzano helped a wounded USAFFE officer escape the Japanese when he could have left him behind.

Anybody have anything on Manzano? I know the MacArthur Archives has quite a bit on him, but getting there isn't an option in the near future for me.

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