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26th Cavalry Motorized/Mechanized Squadron (Read 3057 times)
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26th Cavalry Motorized/Mechanized Squadron
Oct 16th, 2012, 11:46am
Hello all,
I understand that in January of 1942, 26th Cavalry was reorganized into two squadrons. One was supposedly a "fire brigade" of truck-borne infantry and the other was supposedly mechanized and equipped with Bren Carriers and M3A1 scout cars. My questions are about the latter squadron.

How was this unit used; meaning what role did it play on Bataan and also, what were the tactics and the dynamics between the M3A1's and the Bren Carriers? How was the unit organized to achieve these tactics?

My other question is how were these vehicles armed? In Africa, the M3A1 was equipped with a .50 cal and two .30 cals. Bren carriers could be loaded up with pretty much anything. Would I be correct in assuming that the Scout cars were armed pretty much the same and that the Bren Carriers were just loaded up with riflemen and Thompsons?

Thank you very much.
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