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American and Filipina Nurses (Read 1929 times)
Manang Cam
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American and Filipina Nurses
Sep 06th, 2012, 7:50pm
Prior to WWII from 1935 till November 1941, what was the command unit for the American Nurses working in Manila, Ft. Stotsenberg, and Ft. Wm. McKinley.

Were the assigned to the 12th Medical Regiment or was there another military unit for the Americans.  Secondly for the Filipina nurses (RN), who was their parent unit?

I'm trying to trace an aunt of mine who was a Filipino RN, and served  during WWII in the Philippines.  Her name was "Ikay Garcia", and before she died in the early 1960's, she was promoted to Brigadier General of the Nursing Corps.
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