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12th Med Rgt/12th Med Bn (Read 2749 times)
Manang Cam
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12th Med Rgt/12th Med Bn
Aug 26th, 2012, 9:44pm
Hi, I'm a Pinay who is an avid military-buff.  In my hobby, I play "Mil-Sim" Airsoft, and after looking at a lot of teams here on the Central Cost, especially among the younger pinoys, not too many know any of the history of the PS

As a former Army Hospital Corpsman/Field Medic, and EMT-1, with a lot of ears in the Emergency Care field, I've decided to work on a re-enactor project with the 12th Med as our basis.

From reading a lot of material; e.g. "Philippine Division, Philippine Scouts, The Philippine Campaign I've only found a reference that the 12th Med was a PS unit, but haven't seen anything else.

So my question is this, was the 12th Med split among the many units fighting in Corregidor, and Bataan during the fight?  Or were they relegated to one area, and sent out their medics/physicians to the units?  

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