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COL Tad Lilly's diaries and interview (Read 3366 times)
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COL Tad Lilly's diaries and interview
Apr 9th, 2012, 11:38pm
Greetings all,

I have posted this information on the ADBC-DG and Japanese POW listserv, and thought that I might be remiss if I did not include it on the PSHS message board, as some members may find the information useful.

It has been many months since I have posted, I apologize for dropping out for so long, much of it has to do with personal and family issues.  I have had the intention for some time of putting together some of my grandfathers papers into a consolidated and cohesive package or even website so that members may be able to reference information about the events he experienced or mention of relatives of members.  Sadly, I have not been able to make much headway.  Some time back, I got into a bit of a struggle with the Combined Arms Research Library in regards to my grandfather's diaries and papers which they now have.  I will provide the link for members here:

Of particular interest to members may be the section listed as "Box 3"
J.1, J.2 which are his diaries.  I am sad to say that the CARL has not provided the best of transcriptions and finally after some requests on my part finally scanned his entries.  If you note misspellings, in particular of places and individuals names, I believe it is mostly the transcribers, and not my grandfather that is in error.  To give the CARL some credit, it is not that easy to read the handwriting in these diaries.  Also, there is a description provided by my grandfather about the earlier parts of the fight on Bataan, and the 57th IN REG (PS) involvement there.

Also worth mentioning is an interview my grandfather did at the request of a member of East Carolina University in the 1970s.  The interview skips around timelines quite a bit and cover my grandfather's career beginning in WWI as a young machine gun platoon leader in the later famous General (then LTC) Van Fleets 17th Machine gun battalion.  It is easy to download this document in a word form and then do a search for pertinent information; my grandfather goes into great detail about the final moment on Bataan just prior to the capture, and some observations during the death march, and later prison ship experience.  This interview fills in some of the time period before the diaries begin in the CARL diaries.  My grandfather makes some interesting mention of some individuals involved in the terrible fight on Bataan, and his experiences with them later in the camps.  Some names that might stand out to members are Johnson, Garfinkel, King, Bluemel, Brougher, Wainwright and many others too numerous to name, but that many members may recognize, famous or not.  Many of them are also mentioned in the CARL documents, and it should be noted that there are also some lists of POWs in some of the camps (J.4-6).  This interview includes some good information about the experiences both before and after capture.  Below is the ECU interview from 6 April,

Like I had mentioned, it is a simple task to simply copy and paste the text into a word document to view and search for information.

I hope these may provide some use for the members.

I always think of my grandfather on this day as it would affect our family in so many ways and for so long.  Recently, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and when she received the initial news, she gritted her teeth and told me "if my father could survive Bataan, the hellships and prison, then I can beat this!"  

For reference, my grandfather, Edmund J. Lilly, Jr., was initially the XO of the 57th IN REG (PS) at the outset of the war, and eventually assumed command of the regiment in late January 1942 until the surrender on 9 April, 1942.  He was fondly known as "Ted" or "Tad" to his friends.

If anyone has any questions or comments, you may email me directly.


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Re: COL Tad Lilly's diaries and interview
Reply #1 - Apr 10th, 2012, 7:29pm
Thanks for the post.
Hope to meet you soon.
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