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2010 Philippine Scout Muster (Read 8789 times)
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2010 Philippine Scout Muster
Apr 30th, 2011, 12:09pm
At the 2010 PSHS reunion, we held a Philippine Scout Muster that was different from previous years. The attending Scouts are usually introduced and honored at the banquet. In 2010, the roll call included Scouts who were not present, whether unable to attend, or deceased. They were part of the roll call if kin or someone with close ties to the family was there to represent the Scout. Through them, the Scouts were there in spirit.

It was a symbolic gesture. The reunions have gone past just a reunion of old comrades, they have become a celebration of their legacy.  Their legacy is no more evident in the form of family, descendants, and friends who attend the reunions to toast and celebrate the men to whom we owe so much to. The reunions have become as much about the Scouts' families as it had been about the Scout veterans themselves.

We hope to continue this new tradition and that more Scout decendants would attend future reunions. Get your Scout in the Muster, see you at the reunions!


2010 Philippine Scout Muster

PS Veterans in Attendance

1)     Sgt. Ted Ajeto  – and Daughter  Elly Lactaoen
2)     CWO4 Aniceto Bagley,  76th Ordinance Co.
3)     Luke Culanag PS  45th Infantry- son Anthony Culanag
4)     CSMJ Ricardo  De Villa,  92nd Coast Artillery - and Mrs. Devilla and family
5)     Capt. Felipe Fernandez, Troop "E"  26th Cavalry – and Mrs. Fernandez
6)     SFC Dan Figuracion,  Troop "F" 26th Cavalry - and Mrs. Figuracion and family
7)     SFC Ricardo Maravillas, 12th Medical  - and Anthony Maravillas
8)     Major Urbano Quijance, Co. B 57th Infantry - and Fannie Sumaoang
9)     Col. Edwin Ramsey, 26th Cavalry- and Mrs.Raquel Ramsey
10)  Sgt. David Tejada, 12th Signal

PS - Deceased or unable to attend but represented by kin

11)  Felizardo Abojado, 48th Motor Transport – daughter, Emilia Fernandez, wife of Felipe Fernandez 26th Cav.
12)  SFC Maximo Barbon PS- Daughters Jane Domeika, Susan Barbon son Eddie and family
13)  Sgt. Ludovico Beltran 12th Signal  -  Daughter, Helen Beltran Gonzales
14)  Ciriaco R. Cabigas, HQ Troop, 26th Cavalry - Son, Rudolph "Rudy" Cabigas
15)  Saturnino R. Cabigas, Troop E, 26th Cavalry - Nephew, Rudolph "Rudy" Cabigas
16)  Capt. Jose C. Calugas, Sr., 88th FA (Medal of Honor) - Sons, Jose, Jr. , Jorge, Lulu and family, Goody Calugas and Josephine, Jeff and Emily Poirier.
17)  Lt. Vicente Cauntay – Nephew, Arturo Garcia
18)  Sgt. Flordelino Conde PS- Niece Jane Domeika, Susan Barbon and Nephew Eddie Barbon
19)  SFC Mike Cosio, 57th Infantry  - son, LTC Albert Cosio
20)  CWO4 Serafin Crisostomo, 91st Coast Artillery PS- Mrs. Crisostomo and family, Zenaida Slemp
21)  Capt. Carlos Felizardo, Sr.  91st Coast Artillery PS- Son Carlos Jr., daughter Gilda and family  
22)  Pvt. Melencio Figueroa, 26th Cavalry - Brother, Day and Leticia Figueroa
23)  Major Fred Foz, 45th Infantry Regiment PS,  his family, Son John and family
24)  Lt. Bonifacio Garcia Co. L 45th Infantry Regt., PS- Son, Arturo Garcia
25)  Sgt. Mario Irigon - 26th Cavalry PS - wife Bella, son Frankie and daughter Felicitas
26)  Sgt Atancio Lacanlale – grandson, Arturo Garcia
27)  Sgt Mamerto Lacanlale – grand nephew, Arturo Garcia
28)  Pvt. Arcadio , Mabanglo Troop 'A" 26th Cavalry- Daughter,  Anita and her family
29)  Eugenio, Mislang, Sr. , 86th Field Artillery - son, Rudy, Andrew and Gil Mislang
30)  SFC Mark Mocorro , 91st Coast Artillery PS- Son, Jesse, LTC. Dennis, Matthew Mocorro and spouses
31)  SFC David Navarro , 57th Infantry - Daughter, Elena Cosio and son in law LTC. Al Cosio
32)  Lt. Alexander R. Nininger, Jr.  57th Infantry (Medal of Honor) - Nephew , John Patterson
33)  Sgt. Manuael Ovena PS - daughter Luz
34)  Sgt. Ambrocio Pendon PS - Daughter Julita Pendon
35)  Lt. Bonifacio Punla 45th Infantry Regt., PS- Nephew, Arturo Garcia
36)  Sgt. Alberto Rebillion PS - Son Art and daughter Linda
37)  Col. Melvin Rosen,  88th FA PS.- Spouse: Olive Rosen
38)  SFC Mark S. San Diego, 4th Engineers regiment  - daughter Mrs. Thelma San Diego Sevilla
39)  S/Sgt. Manual L. Seastres, 14th CBT. Engineers PS- Son, CWO Rick Seastres AUS Ret.
40)  SMJ. E-9 Marcelino Serra 91st Coast Artillery PS-- Son,  Col. Roger Serra AUS Ret. and wife Nolette
41)  1st. Lt. Primitivo B. Sevilla 26th Cavalry PS Regiment- son Jorge Sevilla wife Thelma
42)  2nd. Lt. Evaristo, Talvo, Sr.,  PS -  Son  Evaristo Talvo, Jr.and wife Precy
43)  Felix Tulfo, Co. L 57th Inf. PS,  -- Brother, Magno and Dorothy Tulfo
44)  Col. Ramon Tulfo 26th Cavalry PS, Ret. PC AFP, -- Brother, Magno and Dorothy Tulfo
45)  Sabas Tulfo, 45th Inf. PS. -- Brother, Magno and Dorothy Tulfo
46)  Pfc. Jose Verano, 45th Infantry PS --  Jose Victor Verano
47)  1st. Lt. Ceasar F. Viajar PS, - Niece, Goody Viajar Calugas, and daughter, Thelma Viajar Fong.
48)  Sgt. Geronimo F. Viajar 12th Inf. Div. New Scout. - Niece, Goody Viajar Calugas, , Thelma Viajar Fong.
49)  Sgt. E-6 Constante R. Villalobos 14th CBT Engineers PS- Daughter, Sheree and grandson, Zane Clark  
50)  Sgt. Vicente Villarta, 14th Engineer PS  - Niece Leonora Noble
51)  Col. Ricardo F. Viajar 12th Inf. Div. New Scout, Ret. PC, AFP., Niece, Goody Viajar Calugas, and niece, Thelma Viajar Fong.
52)  Sgt. Carlos Yap 12th Quartemaster Co. B 91st Coast Artillery PS- spouse Mrs. Rose Yap
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Re: 2010 Philippine Scout Muster
Reply #1 - Apr 30th, 2011, 12:10pm

Non-PS Brothers-in-Arms with kin present at the PSHS reunion
53)      Gregorio Agulto, 71st Infantry Division USAFFE , Grandson, Donald Plata
54)      Cirilo De Leon, USAFFE - daughter Leila De Leon Mukai
55)      Alejandro A. Dinsay, USAFFE POW, Bataan Death March survivor -  Relative, Eva and Jack Moon
56)      1st. Lt. Robert Morris,  31st  Infantry, Philippine Division - Daughter, Emily Morris
57)      Pfc Mariano Noble, Hawaiian Division ( All Filipino Infantry), 24th Corps - Daughter, Leonora Noble

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