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A Call to All Philippine Scout Veterans (Read 3070 times)
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A Call to All Philippine Scout Veterans
Apr 11th, 2009, 12:27pm
A Call to All Philippine Scout Veterans

The U.S.-based Philippine Scouts Heritage Society (PSHS) is interested in locating Philippine Scout veterans living in the Philippines, to expand its list of 109 surviving Scouts and in an attempt to organize one or more chapters in the Philippines.  The organization will be celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary during this yearsí May 8-9 annual reunion in Long Beach, California.  The PSHS currently has six chapters and 500 members or associates receiving its newsletter.  Over thirty of these are retired Scouts and the remainder are friends, family members and history buffs interested in the important role played by the Scouts in the opening months of World War II.

The Philippine Scouts was a legendary U.S. Army fighting force of about 12,350 officers and men who formed the backbone of Gen. Douglas MacArthurís ground combat forces in the early months of World War II.  Consisting of just over 12,000 Filipino enlisted men and non-commissioned officers and an officer corps of 350, ten percent Filipino and the remainder American, they delayed the Japanese advance in Asia by six months, thereby averting an invasion of Australia and New Zealand, and giving the allies sufficient time to build up an Australia-based force that would retake the Philippines and advance as far as Okinawa by warís end.  Extensive additional information is available concerning the Philippine Scoutsí exploits on the PSHS website at

Anyone with information on surviving Scouts or Scout relatives interested in forming a Manila Chapter, should contact either PSHS National President John Patterson at or PSHS Historian Mike Houlahan through Ms. Waldette Cueto, American Historical Collection curator, or or 426-6001, Ext. 5567.  Mr. Houlahan will be visiting the Philippines in May, 2009.

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