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For New Phil. Scouts.     WW2 Filipino vets apply (Read 4472 times)
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For New Phil. Scouts.     WW2 Filipino vets apply
Mar 14th, 2009, 2:04am
   Dear  Gentlemen and Ladies,

   Please disseminate as widely as possible.  Earlier this week the US Veterans Affairs office could only mail me a copy of the form.  Now it can be downloaded.

   The application form for WW2 filipino-american veterans is available on line for down load.
   This should be mailed to the appropriate address depending if you are sending it from the Philippines or from US and other places.

   Why is its being accepted there must be a cost saving measure.  They can pay half the wages again like they did in WW2 for Filipino personnel.  It must be because they expect the bulk of the applications will be from the Republic of the Philippines.

   The URLs to download the pdf form are:

   Or However, you may download the form from and type VA form 21-4138 (CF) and print it out from there.


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