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Marching Through History, Prad dam Park, Chino, CA (Read 6938 times)
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Marching Through History, Prad dam Park, Chino, CA
Oct 13th, 2008, 9:46pm
click link to view pictures:

After Action Report:

MABUHAY ang Philippine Scouts!  

I would like to thank and give due credit all the Living History Scout members who participated this weekends Marching through History at Prado Dam Park, Chino, CA. There were around 1200 reenactment participants in attendance.

CONGRADULATIONS to all who made it there for being a part of our victory. The PS Living History Company winning 1st Place best and most Authentic encampment for 1900 and later periods ( WWI, WWII, Korean war up to Vietnam) category. As the organizers mentioned "We were duely noticed" for our efforts and presence.   Smiley

The three of us Gil Mislang and Ray Ortega carrying the PS Div Flag represented our group for the closing ceremonies and accepting the 1st place announcement.

Saturday’s roll cal:

Gil Mislang- Chapter Treasurer, Rudy Cabigas, Donald Plata (PSHS filmmaker), Mark Lawrence, Ramil Oteyza, Louis Cogut

Sunday’s roll call:

Gil Mislang, Rudy Cabigas, Donald Plata, Ramil Oteyza, Louis Cogut, Ted Villasor Sr & Jr ., Ray Ortega,
Frank Lopez- chapter secretary
Who brought PS t-shirts for the group.

Everyone came in their Wool shirts! Thank you Scouts!  And we all looked sharp and cohesive. Capt. Louis in his Officer's khaki's! This all help made the difference!

The PS Living History Company's FIRST win, first official participation, first time we had a 37mm Anti tank Gun, watercooled MG and A Scout Car to use!
Our first time to ride on "Rat patrol" recon patrol in a scout car driven by Lutter Ritter following the Stuart tank from behind! Me manning the 50's   With Gil and Louis riding "Shotgun" on opposite the flanks of the scout car.

We made a good account of our group in our first parade in review for the veterans and the public Saturday Morning. Gil Mislang carrying the PS Div Flag. Pictures to come.

And our first two "reenactment battles" in fields of France again serving Gen. Pershing. The Philippine Division taking on the Kaiser’s Hun’s and proving the scouts superb marksmanship. It is now a fact that in WWI and WWI the PS were once again the only US Army division ready for war, as said “Anywhere, Anytime!”   And the Battle was filmed same type of camera used for movie film making.

I would like to also thank Luther Ritter ( who will be joining our chapter) and his Wife for providing us those wonderful toys for use on the Doc film project and help immensely with our camp presentation.

On Sunday we were joined for the first time by PS Veteran Pvt. Theodore M. Villasor Sr. Death March survivor PS Artillery
came all the way from Panorama City brought by
his son Ted Villasor jr.and grandson, Ted Jr.all three members of our chapter.

And PS Veteran Villasor Sr. was proudly announced to all the participants by the Event Organizer at the awarding ceremonies for his participation in our encampment. Thank you Sir and Ted for joining us that windy Sunday.

And to Gil Mislang chapter Treasurer for providing food and refreshments, Rudy Cabigas for bringing his saddle, MG and tripod, And Donald Plata Tacoma Chapter member and the two mentioned before who braved it all against the incredible Chino Hills winds on Sunday Morning that nearly ruined the event. Thank you guys for sticking it out and helping keep our camp set up!

Donald got a lot of video footage of all of us. I will let Donald elaborate on this.

We celebrated Sunday night with a victory Filipino Dinner with SAN MIGUEL BEER , fantastic Pinoy food!    Wink

Mabuhay ang PSLHC!

Once again Congradulations to all, this was the best reenactment event I have participated in. And to our members Victor Verano, John Patterson National President and Lawrence Alcazar for fully supporting us from far flung outpost in southern Philippines and America!  

I may have miss some more due credit please mention them too!


WE will possible have the same location again for us next year! More photos to come!
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