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The Philippine Scout  of San Fabian (Read 1766 times)
Rainbow Trout  aka Sue
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The Philippine Scout  of San Fabian
Sep 4th, 2008, 8:34am

A PHILIPPINE SCOUT who was from SAN FABIAN met the US Army when it landed at there, at San Fabian. This Philippine Scout accompanied the 1st Cavalry Division's Flying Column Manila and Santo Tomas Internment Camp.  This same Philippine Scout was given a ride back to San Fabian by a 19 year old MARINE who was one of the 9 Marine radio operators who rode with  the 1st Cav Div and called in and directed the MAGSDAGUPAN air strikes / fire power around the troops, directing the planes to bomb / fire within 100 yards - a football field - of the Flying Column. It was late in the day when they arrived in San Fabian and this young Marine was invited to stay at the home of the Scout. The home was a pole house.  In  the morning, the town was out to greet the young Marine, his jeep was washed and polished,  ... he drove back to Dagupan.

He was told to drive this Philippine Scout home because the Scout  had been of such tremendous service to the 1st Cavalry  Division, that they were so grateful, they could not allow him to walk home. The Cavalry Officer indicated it would be a disgrace to allow such an extraordinary man as this Philippine Scout, to go the 100 miles home on his own. He deserved honors and the honor the officer could give the Scout was the Marine driving him home.

 Every veteran has a love story and I  told the Marine  I wanted his love story. He said he didn't have one and I told him yes, he did. He thought as we spoke on a different topic for a few minutes. Then he  told me that he was left at  STIC because he had become a "Spectator" and his CO said he was going to get himself killed. He forgot how to care. He was told to return once he  got his head on straight.  He had been working at it and was retuning to Dagupan when an officer told him about the Philippine Scout he was to take to San Fabian.  

He was tired and exhausted; while resting at the Scout's home he didn't have the strength to do anything but lie down, on his side, almost asleep ... A female cuddled up behind him and said "Shush, be quiet," and not a word more as she wrapped her arm around him. When he awoke the following morning, she was gone.  As he was leaving, a  young woman he did not recognize came up to him, gave him  something,  and whispered to him the same words she whispered the night before. I don't remember if it was flowers or food she gave to him as she whispered, but he did say that  was the moment  he fell in love with life again.  

The Marine does not recall the Philippine Scout's name, but he does recall the man was responsible for saving his life, by taking him into his family for one night, where his love of  life was restored.

I hope this Philippine Scout is alive and willing to be interviewed. I suspect he is going to big thunder in the Flying Column story and I very much need your help to find out who he is and where he is.

Thank you, Sue

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