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Truman Heminway (Read 6613 times)
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Truman Heminway
Jun 04th, 2008, 9:01pm
I have been trying to research information concerning Corporal and then Lieutenant Truman Heminway who was in Mindanao most of WW II.  I understand he made Captain.  I know he retired from the USAF as a Colonel.

I was his friend for about 5 years when I lived in the Santa Barbara and Lompoc, CA area.

I see many stories and books and information on the Philippine Scouts, but I have not seen anything on a group of about 13 men who banded together to fight with the Filipinos during WW II.  I know General Mac Arthur mentioned him one time.

I am just looking for information on Truman Heminway and his band.

Thank you.

Edward Pruett
USA Retired
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Re: Truman Heminway
Reply #1 - Jun 14th, 2008, 8:00pm

I just moved back to Chula Vista, CA and my books are still packed so I can't look up anything now.  But will as soon as I get settled.   I do have an article from June 15, 1945 Stars & Stripes where Capt Truman Hemingway gives "Anteater Test To Prove Up Pacific Veterans".

The article states the Capt Hemingway, Jr from Sherburne, VT, who fought three years as a guerrilla in the Philippines, is acclimating himself to the varieties of civilization.  Looking back, Capt Hemingway offers this yardstick for measurinig how long a person has been in bush warfare.

During the first 6 months, if ants get in the food, the American throws the food away.  Second six months---he picks out the ants but eats the food.  Third six months---he eats the food, ants and all.  Forth six months---if any ants try to escape, he recaptures them and puts them back in the food, where they belong.  For POWs ants was a source of protein, as they were everywhere in the food the Japs gave the prisoners.

When I get unpacked I will search out the books on the Mindanao fighting and see what I can find out about Capt. Hemingway. Col Fertig was the main guerrilla leader on Mindanao but there were others and I have several books on their exploits, hopefully Capt Hemingway will be documented.

Tom McGeeney
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M. Walton
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Re: Truman Heminway
Reply #2 - Oct 17th, 2010, 4:48pm
Hello Edward,

I was very happy to find your post about Truman Heminway. I understand that this is an old post and I hope that you are still looking for more information. Truman Heminway did reach and retire from the USAF and unfortuantely he passed away Sept. 4 1992.
I am his granddaughter that has been searching for him most of my life. He was married to my grandmother that he met in the Philipines and I am the daughter of his child from this marriage. I am eager to find any others that knew my grandfather that could tell me more about him when they knew him.
I look forward to hopefully hearing from you to put together some pieces that are missing from my life and my families history.

God bless,
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