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His mother's engagement ring was given ... (Read 3414 times)
Rainbow Trout †aka Sue
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His mother's engagement ring was given ...
Mar 14th, 2008, 12:01am
... †His mother's engagement ring was given to a nurse who was leaving for Corregidor...

I have †told the detailed story of †a wounded young American soldier who gave †his mother 's engagement ring to my mother, Lt Frankie Lewey, †so often that both of my children know it word by word. †The ring was given to Lt Lewey to keep it out of the enemy's hands and prevent it from going to Japan. It was not a temporary 'hold this until after the war' ring; it was an out-right gift for her to remember him by, so he would not become an unknown, forgotten soldier. She remembered him to me and I remembered him to my daughter and son.

Frankie Lewey would not have to think of their faces later on, recalling seeing them as she was deserting them when they needed her the most, if they did not see her depart. †She was shamed by leaving and tried to sneak out without being seen. †She held her head down and watched the ground where she walked, crying as she carried her bags along the edge of the hospital , keeping the patients †to her backside. She hoped that IF she had her back to them, no one would see her go. IF her back was to them, maybe no one would speak to her because they could not see her face, the tears. ††Moreover, crying was unprofessional.

Frankie feared someone would speak to her, she hoped no one would; but he did. He saw her and he called out to her, "Nurse, NurseĒ; she could not ignore him, the only one to speak to her or to look straight at her as she was leaving. She went to him to take care of what she could do for him, hoping no one else would say a word to her. †He wanted to talk. He wanted to keep his mother's engagement ring from the Japanese. †He wanted to be remembered and not forgotten and he gave his mother's engagement ring to Frankie to keep forever.

No one  else saw Frankie leave and they did not look toward her or call out to her as she left. On the way to Corregidor, she wondered why he had that ring in the Philippines instead of leaving it at home. She kept his motherís engagement ring safe. †She tried for years to remember his name, and it never came to her. She was so ashamed of herself when she told me his story that she looked down when she said she could not recall his name no matter how hard she tried. She gave his motherís ring to me.

Nine years ago, I gave his mother's engagement ring to my now 31-year-old daughter. She occasionally wears his motherís engagement ring. The young † wounded soldier at Field Hospital #2 on Bata'an ... I worry she will forget the story's details †- †the engagement ring of †the mother of a young wounded soldier on Bata'an who wanted to be remembered - I wish I knew his name. I wish I could tell her.
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