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Colored Troops in the Retaking of Manila (Read 3009 times)
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Colored Troops in the Retaking of Manila
Jan 06th, 2008, 2:24am
Peter Parsons wrote to me mentioning about colored troops firing mortars at the Japs in the retaking of Manila in 1945.  It was in Fernando J. Manalac's "Manila:  Memories of WW II" on page 158.  He mentions going north on Quezon Blvd to where the Central Market is now located.  In his day it was the site of Zurburan Prison.  Behind the walls of the prisonmn "was teeming with black soldiers, a Battalion of them, busily and mattter of factly lobbing projectiles from a hundred or so mortars.  Their tents were located in what used to be called Osmena Park.   They let him firre off a few rounds.  He doesn't name their dividion or ID the group in any other way.

Their were lots of Engineer Units in Luzon and units of the 93rd Inf Division (Colored) were in the area.  As my copy of Order Of Battle lists 368th Inf Reg on Zamboanga July1, 1945.  Several  Field Artillery Battalions are on Zamboanga and Morotai on April 7, 1945.  318th Engineer Combat Battalion was on Mmorotai on April 7, 1945.  Does anyone have information on this Mortor Battalion's Indentification?

Tom McGeeney
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