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Leoncio Aguilar, 40th Co. Infantry (PS) (Read 1945 times)
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Leoncio Aguilar, 40th Co. Infantry (PS)
Jan 05th, 2008, 8:00am
First-class private Leoncio Aguilar, 40th Company Infantry, Philippine Scouts, U. S. Army.

After having shown satisfactorily sufficient Industry, Integrity, Honesty in his calling or profession, Leoncio Aguilar is hereby declared entitled to this Diploma of Honor as a testimony of seven accomplishments.

There are many worthy ways to serve one is country.  A man without the accomplishment of a university degree can certainly render service to his country just as anybody else.  Late first-class private Aguilar is a fine example of man we are etching to talk about.

Died in 1903 at the age of 25, in Cebu, Cebu, son of Mariano Aguilar and Timotea Paras. Married to Gregoria Miletante and daughter of Elenterio Filetante and Clara Baclohan  Son: Mario Aguilar. Married to Natalia Sacino
- 1919. Children: Felix - XI grd. Hospicio V grd. Perfecta II grd. Edutemis, Br.  June 23, 1934. Francisco, Br. Son 29.10.99.

Obtained his education from public schools during Spanish time and broading his education later through self-study and personal contact.

Formerly: enlisted in the Philippines Scouts, U.S. Army, October 1 18__ to serve three years and stationed in ____, Iloilo and Guimaras Island.

Being a patriot and hard-working man, he was sick, because of his devotion to duty and died during his service to serve the three years.

Parental exhortations: love God and the land of your birth. Practice industry and be wise spender. Keep your name and honor untarnished by filthy morals. Study hard; love your fellowmen, and respect their rights, and always be respectful of the laws of man.

Known to be of excellent moral character, honest and dependable.

In the city of Manila June 20, 1940

(signature) Editor National ____of the Philippines

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