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Reenactors in the Philippines? (Read 19566 times)
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Reenactors in the Philippines?
Dec 06th, 2007, 11:46pm
Anyone here doing impressions in the Philippines?

I hope to start a group here but am having a pretty hard time getting the accesories right. The doughboy helmet is nowhere to be found here so It was easy for me to do european theatre impression as the helmets are in abundance here. I had an Ike Jacket done and my BDU will be what the ROTCs here use which is basically fatigue cotton twill. Very hot to wear here though and very out of scenario.

Im also trying to do an IWO JIMA impression but the helmet cover is impossible to find here. I found an antique but it seemed ready to rip as i tried to stretch it over a helmet. The khakis were easy to do.

Can anyone tell send me pics of the patches and dimensions used by the scouts? Ive seen pics but am hesitant to make because I am unsure of size
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Re: Reenactors in the Philippines?
Reply #1 - Dec 7th, 2007, 4:02pm
Hi Noy,

For Early WW II Kelly Helmets you can try EBAY as the quickies way to find them. Or if you have a relative or Friend living in California who is going back to Manila I can advise them were in Southern Califrornia to find them.

Try getting in touch with Perry Javier Manila based BNK member who I have been helping put together his PS impression. His email is

As for Patches you can order reproduction here

or if you want the Originals they have them on ebay too!

As for the Marine Helmet cover they have them at What price Glory-  

scroll to the very bottom of the USMC section.

As for Khaki uniforms the cheapest available ones we sometimes use are the "Dickies" brand as they have the same cut  and style. And there are reproduction Wool shirts available from online reprodction dealers too like WWII Impressions -

I hope this helps.  My advise is get in touch with Perry Javier in Manila as I have been advising and helping him. And it would be easier for you to see his uniform and gear he has assembled.  And try and join his group as they are in need of more enthusiatics volunteers who loved this hobby and want to represent the history of the Philippine Scouts. Cheers.

You can also email me at


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Re: Reenactors in the Philippines?
Reply #2 - Aug 24th, 2009, 1:05am
my friends and i are finally getting together to form a PS group. We started out playing airsoft in german and US outfits but we are going to go try put together a team that dresses as PS. Still a bit ragtag and will most likely not be as authentic as most reenactors, but we hope try to look as a PS as much as we can. I think we are about 10 in the group and there are some others who might be joining in soon.

If anyone else is based here and wants in, just feel free to email me
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Re: Reenactors in the Philippines?
Reply #3 - Oct 3rd, 2009, 4:10pm
Saturday, 4th July 2009,
Parade grounds, Fort Stotsenburg, Pampanga, P.I.

home of the 26th Cavalry & 23rd, 24th Field Artillery, Philippine Scouts

1st official Philippine chapter creation and activation

L to R - Engineer Pedro Javier (BNK Manila), Philip Garcia (PSLHC Nininger Cchapter),
Col. Restituto Aguilar, PA, Fort Magsaysay, (center)
MSgt. Alvin Alfonso, Fort Mckinley, Manila chapter, Military Vehicles Preservation Association Pilipinas,
Lt. Edgar Hilbero, (mounted) 26th memorial Cavalry Regt.,

riding on jeeps - L - Edison David

R - Ernie Penas, , Mon Canlas, Bong Casayuran



(two of the jeep personnel names are probably not accurate)

Write up from Msgt. Alvin Alfonso, thank you Alvin!

Fort Stotsenburg, Clarkfield- Organizing the Philippine Scout Heritage
Society ( PSHS) chapter in the country finally happened on the 4th of July, 2009.

Philip Garcia came all the way from Singapore to support the endeavor. He
is an active member in Lt. Alexander Nininger Chapter Los Angeles, USA.

The Society is a US based organization, who's primary objective is to
preserve the history , heritage and legacy of the Philippine Scouts. It is
a private, non-sectarian, non partisan, not- for profit association,
organized and operated exclusively for educational and preservation
purposes within the meaning os Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue

Present during the gathering were
Col. Resty Aguilar, Lt. Guy Hilbero, MSgt. Alvin Alfonso, Atty.
Ernie Penas, Engr. Perry Javier,Mr. Bong Casayuran,
Mr. Edison David, Mr. Mon Canlas, Mr. Joe Mamam

The itinerary started with all the excitements inside the Clark Museum.
After gearing up, the Scouts posed for group pictures. In the field, two
WW2 Jeeps were used to entice the atmosphere. Suddenly, locals passed by
with horses. The Cavalry did not waste this opportunity to be acquainted
with their best friend. Scent of 26th Unit was all over the place.

Rain forced the Scouts for a break. Two piece chicken cuts, rice and soda
were served for lunch. Eating inside a restored barn house was delighting
after a busy day.

Philip open the discussion with hard copies of Society's By Laws and
Articles. He also mentioned how the PSHS educated the public, promoted the
history, and uplifted the legacy of WW2 Vets specially the Philippine Scouts.

The group had arrived in the following decisions.
First, two chapters will be created. One in Clarkfield and another in Manila.
Second, Lt. Hilbero offered the annex building of Municipality of Mabalacat as Chapter Office.
An issue was raised of naming the chapter. Should it always be named after a person?
Majority decided to seek the advice of Sen. John Patterson, PSHS National President.

The occasion ended up with more photos in different landmarks and
monuments. Every minute had not been wasted.
It was such a memorable day for all us, and for the Scouts!


L to R - MSgt. Alvin Alfonso, Pedro Javier, missing need info,  Philip Garcia, Col Restituto Aguilar,
Lt. Guy Hilbero, Ernie Penas, Bong Casayuran, Mr. Edison David, Mr. Mon Canlas, Mr. Joe Mamam.

US cavalry monument

4th July, 2009, Saturday
26th Cavalry plaque, Fort Stotsenburg, Pampanga, PI

kneeling - MSgt. Alvin Alfonso, Manila Chapter PSHS, Pedro Javier- BNK Manila
standing - Lt. Guy Hilbero, Pampanga PSHS chapter, Philip Garcia - PSLHC

4th July 2009, Saturday, Fort Stotsenburg Musem, Philippine Scout exhibit behind

kneeling L to R - Perry Javier, BNK Manila,  Ernie Penas, MSgt. Alvin Alfonso, PSHS Manila

standing L to R - Philip Garcia PSLHC, Lt. Guy Hilbero PSHS Pampanga, Bong Casayuran, Col. Restituto Aguilar, PA,
Mr. Edison David, Mr. Mon Canlas, Mr. Joe Mamam.

Thank you for viewing   Smiley

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