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Maps for Museum  3/2008 UPDATE (Read 3420 times)
Rainbow Trout  aka Sue
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Maps for Museum  3/2008 UPDATE
Nov 1st, 2007, 5:07am
Maps for the Scout museum.
These are greatly enlarged, photo quality,printed on rolled white  paper. Their detail is very good and they are excellent for research purposes.

These oversize maps can be covered in a medium weight plastic from a fabric store (make sure they roll it onto a bolt for you) and the plastic can be written on with dry-erase board pens, and cleaned off.

These are the maps I had at the reunion,  which Col Olson requested for the museum. They are:

1. Central Luzon 1899-1903. Has  excellent detail of terrain,  villages, roads, train, telegraph, etc

2. Greater Manila November 1944; 3 maps, 3 sizes, the third map is Nova Liches resevoir north - Ft McK. south - route 53 east - water west.  

3. YMCA serviceman's Manila map, 1940, 2 maps,  2 sizes

4. Guerrilla organizations and radio communication October 1944,  Baguio-Batangas area. This is my Philipine Scouts liberation radio network map that is hand colored for my research.

5. the landing beaches at Lingayen where the guerrillas met  the Army in January 1945.

Are there any more requests for other maps for the museum? I might have them, or I may know people who will trade maps.  My goal it to get the tube mailed within the week, if there are no more requests.  

RE requests for a CORREGIDOR map with tunnels.

I am adding a partial  map that is a pre-war government map of Corregidor. It is  3'x4' and shows the center of the island (N-S). The tunnels are mapped, the elevations are marked, features are shown inside and on the surface.

This Corregidor map is available via email.

It can be printed in photo quality at 8x10 inches. That is too small for details to be seen; however, that photo can be taken to a shop like Kinko's and reproduced  at 3x4 feet,  in photo quality, for about $10.

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