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SGT. Flavio Udarbe & Fernando Barberan (Read 2305 times)
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SGT. Flavio Udarbe & Fernando Barberan
Oct 18th, 2007, 9:07am
Dear Sirs,

My Name is Robbin Udarbe Barberan. I'm 33 years old and I live
in Germany. Through, a website that allows you to build
your family tree, I got more and more curious about my Filipino
heritage. I was able to follow my relatives lineage to both my
grandfathers who fought in WWII.

Just recently I saw a picture on that website of my cousin kneeling
at my grandfather's grave. On the cross it said:

"SGT. Udarbe J. Flavio. ASN 091787. USAFFE.
Born 31.7.1917 - Died 05.02.1972"

That's all I know about him. He died before I was born and none
of my relatives can tell me anything about him.

Needless to say, living in Germany I am extremely proud that
my grandfather fought on the right side of WWII, but still I'd like
to know more about him. Where was he stationed? Where did he
fight? Which Unit? Did he see any combat? Was he one of the
famous Bataan survivors? Was he a prisoner of war? How did he
become Sergeant and when? Was he recruited or did he volunteer?
Is there anybody who remembers my grandfather and can tell me
anything about him?

So many questions and I hope you can help me find answers.
Reading USAFFE on the picture of the cross, first I had to look up
what USAFFE stands for and through various websites I found out
that the Philippine soldiers within that armed forces branch were
called "Philippine Scouts" (please correct me if I'm wrong) that's
how I discovered "" and that's why I'm here.

My question: Is there any possibility that there is some sort of
archive which contain the files of the USAFFE soldiers? I mean,
there must be some sort of record about my grandfather.
Something he did in the war. Anything.

My name is Robbin Udarbe Barberan. I know both of my grandfathers
fought in WWII. Fernando Barberan and Flavio Udarbe.
I know their birthdate and date of death and I firmly believe, proud
grandsons deserve more information than that.

Sincerly yours,

Robbin Udarbe Barberan

PS: My other grandfather Fernando Barberan died in the 80s.
I was lucky enough to have met him once when I was very young.
At his funeral he had two flags on his casket, one american, and
one Philippine flag, which were given to my grandmother and handed
down to me when I became 18 years old. To this day both flags are in
my possession and I am very proud. It would be more than nice to
learn the story behind it. Was it common for filipino soldier to have
both flags on their casket? Did every filipino WWII veteran receive
that honor?

Anyone who wants write me an email, please use

Thank you very much and God bless.
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Re: SGT. Flavio Udarbe & Fernando Barberan
Reply #1 - Oct 18th, 2007, 2:58pm

I will contact you on your email address who to write to.  Ancestor,com and NARA has some information and of course the Record Storage center in St Louis.

Thomas McGeeney
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