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Capt. Howard Humphreys, 45th Inf. (PS) (Read 3794 times)
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Capt. Howard Humphreys, 45th Inf. (PS)
Oct 09th, 2007, 8:24pm
Charles Jackson is researching the students of a now defunct Military school. Its graduates include William Paley, Paul Tibbetts, Edward " Butch" O'Hare and, the subject of his search, Howard Humphreys.  He [Humphreys] is generally considered the schools most popular, talented graduate. He graduated from Western Military Academy in 1936 and returned to the school to work in the commandantís office.  When the WWII started he was serving as an office with the Philippine Scouts and was awarded a Silver Star.  After Bataan he was sent to a POW camp on Davao where he roomed for a time with Major George B. Moore. Late in the war Capt. Humphreys was transported in the Oryoku Maru Hell ship. Events on the voyage resulted in his receiving a Bronze Star . He made it to Japan only to die in Fukuoka #3 on April 21 1945. Reportedly Gen. Sharp was to recommend him for the Medal of Honor.   A record of those who were on the Oryoku Maru indicates that Howard Humphreys was mentioned in the legal section of the war crimes trial.  Can anyone give Mr. Jackson any assistance in finding out what the circumstances where leading to his being mentioned in the trial.?  Incidently, Humphreys also was an All-American swimmer which may have enabled him to save lives during the sinking of the Oryoku Maru. His serial number was O&386259 Unit was 45th Inf Regt (PS).   Mr. Jackson can be reached at (618) 466 7368  or

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