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our fallen comrades: philippine scouts (Read 1730 times)
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our fallen comrades: philippine scouts
Jul 08th, 2007, 10:19pm
To the gallant heroes of WWII, the Philippine scouts, and their surviving families and friends!
My grand father is a Philippine scout, true and true, enlisted since 1919, and died during the Death March.
During the course of my research about him, I have encountered the Philippine scouts Their rich, colorful, and  honorable history. Filipinos, white, or black, does not matter, they are indeed proud collection of gallant men in US soldier’s uniform.

However, when the Philippines achieved full independence on July 4, 1946,  the Philippine Scouts held a unique status in U.S. military history: they were soldiers in the regular U.S. Army, combat veterans at that, but now they were citizens of a foreign country. To solve the dilemma, the United States offered the Philippine Scouts full U.S. citizenship. Most of the surviving Scouts accepted, and the Army transferred them to other units to finish their military careers.

I understand that as a matter of policy, dual nationality is not encouraged by the US government, so those surviving scouts are ask to naturalize ( which involve an act of renunciation), so they can only  owe allegiance to one country, which is the US, if they are to continue to serve in the US army.

I would like to post this question: What then is the true legal status of those old regular scouts who had served during peactime and eventually have died during the WWII against the japanese?

God bless,
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