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Thanks to the Filipino people (Read 3226 times)
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Thanks to the Filipino people
Jun 12th, 2007, 10:13pm
My father-in-law Richard W. Meyrick was one of the U.S. soldiers that was captured by the Japanese and forced to march the Bataan Death March.  He recently was speaking at a retirees' luncheon about his experiences on that march, as well as his time in Japan as a slave.  He mentioned that the Filipino civilians would sometimes try to throw them bread or something to drink while they made this horrid march and they would be killed for this kindness if discovered, and he mentioned many were.

He passed away on 3/17/07 at the age of 88 and until recently never discussed the March or the time he spent in Japan.  I would like to thank the Filipino people for their kindness to these soldiers and salute the deaths that occurred on your island, as I'm sure my father-in-law had wished he could do.


Donna L. Meyrick

Note: Mrs. Meyrick is the daughter-in-law of Staff Sergeant Richard W. Meyrick, who was attached to the 803rd Engineer Battalion at the time of his discharge from the U.S. Army
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Re: Thanks to the Filipino people
Reply #1 - Aug 14th, 2007, 6:56pm
My daughter encouraged me to open the letters that Mother  sent in 1945 and were returned as undeliverable. I found  Mother's love of the Filipino people and their love for her  formed a perfect circle that provided great strength and protection during the war.

Mother's highest and sincerest praise, "Your people are the salt of the earth,"  was written in a  letter to Pastor Wassan Valido, brother of nurse Esperanza Wassan Valido whom Mother credited with literally saving her life.  

To ALL who touched the lives of the two people who became my parents, your affirmation of life gave life to me;  I thank you.
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