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Ernest Hruby, 1923 Philippine Scouts (Read 2214 times)
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Ernest Hruby, 1923 Philippine Scouts
Apr 30th, 2007, 12:57pm
Hi:  I stumbled onto your website by looking under the US Army site for information.  You may be able to help me with some general questions I have.

My dad had an uncle who moved from the Madison, WI area to Chicago around the late 1890's. The uncle, Frank Hruby, married and had two sons, one by the name of Ernest Hruby. According to the only visit the uncle made back to visit relatives in WI, and this was in the 1930's, is that his son, Ernest Hruby, born in 1907, Cook County, IL,
had been an "Army Man" and had died in the Phillipines in 1923 or 1924 as the story goes.  This information was sent to me via a now deceased relative in 1982.

My own father told me on 2/17/07 that the "now deceased relative" had two sisters and one was still alive and living in Madison, WI.  I immediately called her and she verified the above information and said she remembered Frank Hruby from the "visit" in the 1930's.  He had just come back from Hawaii and brought the girls presents.

I have been pondering why he would have gone to Hawaii, and this leads me to my question.  Would US Army personnel killed in the Phillipines, around 1923 or 1924, have been sent back to the US upon their death or would they be buried overseas, or was there no set policy?  Do you have any ideas?  I sent a letter and Form to the St. Louis, MO record center recently and I haven't heard a thing from them so I thought I would try this out with your group.

Obviously, any information you can tell me about this era would be greatly appreciated!  Our families lost contact after the 1930's visit and this is all I know about the entire family!

Thank you,

David Hruby
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Re: Ernest Hruby, 1923 Philippine Scouts
Reply #1 - May 2nd, 2007, 9:20pm

I am trying to see what is available on the internet, like Census and US Army records.  I have assembled the 2 two Hruby families, the one in Chicago and the one in Wisconsin.  Maybe you can help me if I get something wrong, but I will list the 2 groups.  I have two spellings on your family name, Hvaby and Hruby.  I will put down what the record I have lists.

1920, Deer Creek, Taylor, Wisconsin
    Frank Hvaby
    Annie Hvaby
    Thresie Hvaby
Next door is
    Thomas Hvaby
    Frank Hvaby

1920, Chicago Ward 12, Cook, Illinois
    Frank Hruby
    Mary Hruby
    Geo Hruby
    Ernest Hruby

There is no Army records until WW II, which is not in your time frame.  Based on the date of birth, Ernest would have been been 16 or 17 when he was killed in the Philippines, with his birth in 1907.  

The Punch Bowl is a cemetery in Hawaii for deceased Servicemen and Ft McKinley has one in Manila.  I know of serveral deceased Filipinos Servicemen being buried in Fr McKinley before WW II, maybe Americans too because of expense to ship the body back.  Or they might just ship it to Hawaii.  All this is before WW II and I don't know the procedure in the case of Ernest.

The Census does list both the Chicago Hruby family and the Wisconsin Hvaby family.  There are 2 Franks in Wisconsin, one 78 and the other 34.

In Chicago, only one Frank and he is 48 years old.   Both these Census Reports are for the 1920 Census.

Hopefully, you get more information for the Army Records Center.


Tom McGeeney
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Re: Ernest Hruby, 1923 Philippine Scouts
Reply #2 - May 7th, 2007, 1:26pm
Hi Tom:

The Chicago family of Hrubys is the correct one.  this has become one of those really weird searches for a family history.  My aunts, uncle and father obviously were not a real social bunch with the only relatives they had that left our immediate area.  I received no help from the St. Louis Record Center.  I guess I will have to take a trip to Chicago and search the Cook County records for more information.  I also thought that Ernest would have been fairly young to be in the Army but that was a different era!  It is really something that my family could have relatives, from Ernest's brother, George, and we don't even know!!

Thanks for your help, this is gonna be tough,

David Hruby
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