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65th Anniversary of the Death March (Read 3756 times)
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65th Anniversary of the Death March
Apr 10th, 2007, 3:45am
    On the anniversary of the Death March, I thought it would be appropriate to remember a story my grandfather related to me when I was a child.  At some point on the Death March, my grandfather told me that they were allowed a short break by the Japanese.  When my grandfather and his fellow prisoners were made to begin the march again, a soldier was not able to get to his feet.  A chaplain, whom my grandfather did not know, knelt down to aid the soldier as best he could.  Shorltly, a Japanese guard went over to the chaplain and his charge, and ordered them to their feet, several times.  The chaplain ingored him, and eventually the Japanese soldier ran his bayonet through the fleshy part of the chaplain's backside (my grandfather's polite words).  The chaplain never flinched and the puzzled guard left them there.   My grandfather said he was able to look back one last time and see the blood spreading on the chaplain's back as he continued to aid the soldier.   My grandfather said he was never able to find out who that chaplain was, but always remembered that image.

Regards and great respect to all, especially to the veterans of the Death March,

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