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Lt. Neil F. Hoyt, 12th Quartrmstr Regt (PS)       (Read 1997 times)
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Lt. Neil F. Hoyt, 12th Quartrmstr Regt (PS)      
Dec 13th, 2006, 3:31pm
My Dad, Lt. Neil F. Hoyt born in St. Cloud, MN in 1900 reenlisted in the Army in 1940, trained at Camp Hahn in California and returned to the Philippine Islands in early 1941 and assigned to the Quartermaster Corps of the Philippine Scouts in Manila and stationed there when war broke out.  His wife and I were imprisoned in Santo Tomas.  He wrote two cards from Cabantuan to us before being shipped out on the Arisan Maru in October 1944: he did not survive when the ship sank in the South China Sea October 24, 1944.  If you have any information on my Dad please contact me at 262 670 9676; or at  Rosemarie Hoyt Weber
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Re: Lt. Neil F. Hoyt
Reply #1 - Dec 13th, 2006, 11:38pm

Most of this you probably already know but I got this off the internet,  You can also get this from "aad" on the National Archives site.  
the "aad" is free, though.  The census isn't on the "aad" site I don't think but records of servicemen is.

1910 Census listing Freeland A Hoyt, wife Margaret Hoyt and 3 children and servant.  Neil F is the only son in 1910.  They are living in St Cloud, Stearns, Minn.

WW II Prisoners of War, 1941-1946
Has him a resident of California, probably with the Camp Hahn enlistment.  He is a 1st Lt in the Army Quartermastere Corps and his report date is 7 May 1942, when Corregidro surrendered.  POW Transport Ship:  October sinking: Arisan Maru, 24 Octobeer 1944, which is also the latest report date

WW II & Korean Conflict Veterans Interred Overseas
Combat Organization is 12th Quartermaster Regiment Philippine Scouts.  He is listed as missing, there is a Monument listing for him at Ft Wm McKinley, Manila, The Philippines.  His US awards are a Purple Heart Medal, and additional Army awards, but it doesn't say what they are.

In Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI, there is a burial of Neil F. Hoyt, 1st Lt US Army WWI & WWI.  Also, Eve F Hoyt is buried here, wife of Neil F Hoyt.

This is all that I found and most of it you probably knew but I put it down in case you are missing some of it.

All the best,

Tom McGeeney

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