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Reunion--5/27-28/06 (Read 3633 times)
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Apr 22nd, 2006, 10:55am
22nd PSHS Annual Reunion May 27-28, 2006

Internationally-known Japanese journalist, author and human rights activist Kinue Tokudome is our keynote speaker. Ms. Tokudome, a long time California resident, has worked closely with Col. Mel Rosen in advocating that the Japanese pay compensation to POWs used as slave labor during WWII. In addition to writing and speaking on the subject, she has established a website promoting Japanese-U.S. reconciliation at

Other highlights of our upcoming twenty-second annual reunion include the following: panel discussions on both the defense of Corregidor and Bataan and the guerrilla warfare against the Japanese; as well as information sessions on veterans' issues and on Japanese compensation for POW slave labor. The Corregidor/Bataan panel will be chaired by Col. Mel Rosen, with Capt. Menandro Parazo, Capt. Felipe Fernandez and Dr. Isabelo Torio participating. The guerrilla panel will be chaired by Lt. Col. Ed Ramsey, with Maj. Fred Foz, CWO4 Aniceto Bagley, Malcolm Decker and Chris Schaefer as panelists. These panelists are mostly drawn from Philippine Scout infantry, cavalry and field artillery units, as well as three guerrilla organizations. Three participants also have written books on WWII in the Philippines. Dennis Uldricks, Department of Veterans Affairs will conduct the session on veterans' issues and Col. Rosen and Ms. Tokudome will conduct the session on slave labor reparations.

The keynote address and two panels will take place on Sunday, May 28. The reunion/business meeting will begin on Saturday May 27 and the slave labor and veterans' issues sessions also will take place that day. The reunion venue will be the Embassy Suites, 150 Anza Boulevard, Burlingame, California, which is near the San Francisco airport. A registration form for this gathering is in our newsletter and available through our website home page.

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Re: Reunion--5/27-28/06
Reply #1 - Feb 14th, 2007, 6:27pm
any new reunions scheduled for Scouts or their families?  I would very much like tho attend or participate in some way
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