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Signature Scam (Read 2701 times)
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Signature Scam
Oct 8th, 2005, 6:26pm
Our attention has been brought to a signature-for-profit ploy currently being perpetrated against veterans.  There has been a flurry of veterans' autographs offered on eBay.  These usually are genuine signatures of veterans, graciously provided on request by the men themselves, supposedly to individual collectors.  Some of these signatures gatherers then immediately place the veterans' autographs for sale on eBay.  This collection technique may not be illegal, but it certainly is misleading.  Editor
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Re: Signature Scam / mail-fraud
Reply #1 - Oct 9th, 2005, 3:50pm
One of our gracious veterans, who complied with requests for his signature, is the father of the US Attorney for Utah. The veteran's signature cards were being auctioned on-line. The son, the US Attorney for Utah, contacted the local Postal Inspector.

The Postal Inspector stated this constitutes mail-fraud. The Inspector wrote letters to the people (to whom the veteran had been so kind) and demanded all the signature cards be returned. They have all been returned,  except for those already sold.            

If any of our veterans have fulfilled requests for their signature, take a list of those to whom the signatures  were sent to the nearest Postal Inspection Service. Go to to find yours.

Please notice that the auction site has nothing to do with this story. It is an innocent victim of usage.

The "hot" search word is - right now -  cabanatuan - .

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