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Anatalio Mortera Laplap, Coast Artillery(PS) (Read 2710 times)
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Anatalio Mortera Laplap, Coast Artillery(PS)
Jun 26th, 2005, 12:10am
Dear Sir,

I’m the great grandson of Anatalio Mortera Laplap.

According to my father, Anatalio M. Laplap (born July 4, 1900 – died 1963) was a member of the Philippine Scouts assigned in Corregidor Island. He was in the artillery unit (probably in the 91st or 92nd Coast Artillery Regiments) and a range finder in one of those big guns of the "Rock". I don't have any idea in what year does my great grandpa got enlisted in the military. According to my great grandma (his wife, Maria) he's in the military during WW1, but as i compute if he enlisted on that period, he would be like 16 or 17 years old. And that is too young to be in the Army. He might be enlisted in the 1920's.  According to the history of the Philippine Scouts, following WWI, Congress approved induction of the Philippine Scouts into the Regular U.S. Army. For the defense of Manila Bay, two Philippine Scout artillery regiments, the 91st and the 92nd were created.  Most probably my great grandpa was one of those enlisted in one of those coast artillery regiments (PS).  My great grandpa and his family lived inside the officers compound “Certeza Court” in Dalahican, Cavite City before the war broke out. During the japanese occupation the officers compound was taken over by the Japs to be used as their garrison. And our family evacuated in Intramuros and later went to Cabalian, So. Leyte only on a banca boat.  After the liberation, according to my grandfather they went back to Certeza Court and saw bloated bodies littered at the beach inside the compound (this compound is fronting the Canacao Bay). And since then we lived there until 1978. I grow up in that beautiful compound surrounded by pine trees.  

After the WW2, great grandpa Anatalio served at Sangley Point, in Cavite City as a mechanic, i dunno for how long. And then he became the official caretaker of the Certeza Compound from the 50's until his death in 1963.  

I went to Corregidor Island in 2002. I was amazed and sad because that place was once a beautiful military island (more like a pearl harbor) but it was ravaged and ruined by war and all that is left now are the ghostly destroyed buildings. I also saw barracks of the Philippine Scouts and wondered that my great grandpa used to sleep in one of those rooms.

I emailed you because I want to see some old pictures of him during his Corregidor duty so that I could see how he looks like when he was younger. We don’t have those pre-WW2 pictures of him because those were lost during that war period. And maybe can I have a copy of his name seen listed in a roster of names or stories about him in your archives.

I've been surfing the net for a long time looking for his name and picture in the roster of those filipinos who served and fought with the americans before and during those turbulent times.

I hope you do me this favor.

Thank your and regards,

Anatalio “Boyet” H. Laplap
Operations Department - EQC
Sharaf Shipping Agency L.L.C
As agent for K-Line
P.O. Box 576, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel: 009714 3520555 loc 227
Fax: 009714 3520531

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