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Finding correct Field Gear and Equipment (Read 3838 times)
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Finding correct Field Gear and Equipment
May 22nd, 2005, 8:42am
I swear to god..... when I was younger (20 yrs ago) I remember seeing and playing with khaki pre war Mill's belts, canteen covers, the older style gas masks, and yes! even those Tommy helmets with the canvas straps...... but NOW! that I am actually looking for this stuff, it is no where to be found....... when I do find it, either it costs way too much, or else the condition is too poor.
I mean, I want my field gear to look used, but not too worn out, know what I mean?

Anyway..... we should support each other with our living history hobby..... for example..... if I find a deal on 3 period correct canteen covers, I will keep what I need and post here that I have one available for trade...... if the trade is good, then the only money spent will be on postage.

Sound good?

don't get excited, because right now I have nothing Grin

if anyone is interested, I do know where you can buy authentic looking reproduced Mill's cartridge belts for about $40  
PM me
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