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PS mottos (Read 2855 times)
Victor S. Verano

PS mottos
Dec 17th, 2004, 11:57pm
I apologize for the "trivialness" of my question. I am curious as to how the Scout unit mottos were used.

What I mean is when and how did they say their mottos? For example I think the modern day 101st Airborne Air Assault division of the US army would greet each other with an "Air Assault!" when saluting or passing each other. The same with the "Rangers lead the way" motto of the rangers.

Was it the same back then for the Scouts? Thank you.
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Re: PS mottos
Reply #1 - Feb 11th, 2005, 1:09pm
The following was contributed by Col. John Olson, 57th Infantry Regt. (PS):

I cannot recall the Mottos being used except in speeches. When then Lt Col Brougher became the XO of the 57th, he quoted it in his many talks and speeches. I will screen the PS files to see if,when or how it may have been.   There was the "Stand aside, men, the Scouts are taking over" that came out in print after the 2nd Bn relieved the Naval Battalion at Lonaskawayan.
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