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ROLL CALL! (Read 3047 times)

Oct 04th, 2004, 1:43am
Many years ago, in Seaside, CA, I had the honor of being accepted into a group of veterans all of whom, like my father, were members of the "old" Philippine Scouts. There were many gatherings with the group and as a 22-yr old Marine Cpl at the time. I always enjoyed the backyard beer busts and barbecues, and always the tale swapping.  They called these gatherings "muster" and will always be preceeded by a roll call.

I recently visited Seaside and would like to share the results of the latest roll call, which although SSgt GUZMAN reported ALL PRESENT OR ACCOUNTED FOR, one can't help but notice open spaces in the ranks.

ANTANG, Olfeo 2Lt, 57th Inf: Deceased 09Dec00
CABANILLA, Gavino SP5, BtryC, 91st CA: Age 86
CAPILI, Pedro SFC, Btry E 88th FA: Deceased 02Mar00
CASTILLO, Sonito Sgt, 45th Inf: Deceased 06Apr00
CRUZ dela, Vic SgtMaj, 57th Inf: Age 84
DA-ATON, Mark 1Lt, Btry D, 91st CA: Deceased 1996
DESOTO, Elliot SFC, 12th Signals: Age 86
GUZMAN, Juan SSgt, Btry D, 91stCA: Age 88
IGLESIAS, Genaro Sgt, 12th QMC: Deceased 07Oct02
INDUCTIVO, Virgil 2Lt, 45th Inf: Deceased 1991
JULIAN, Amando 1Lt, 14th Engr: Deceased 01Mar00
NEEL, George SFC, 12th MedBn: Deceased 1983
OLEA, Glen 1Lt, 57th Inf: Deceased 05Sep03
PANGILINAN, Jack SFC, 26th Cav: Age 92
SABADO, Marcial 2Lt, 12th Signals: Age 87

NOTE: Maj Fred FOZ, if you happen to see this post, these men thought highly of you, SSgt GUZMAN in particular.
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