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Staff Sgt Tomas Taguba, 45th Inf. (PS) (Read 3213 times)
Col. Thomas S. Jones, USA

Staff Sgt Tomas Taguba, 45th Inf. (PS)
May 13th, 2004, 2:20pm
Front page NY Times May 11 article on Major General Antonio Taguba who investigated Iraq prison abuses says he is son of Staff Sgt Tomas Taguba, Philippine Scouts,  who was captured in Bataan by the Japanese.
Does anyone know what PS unit Sgt. Taguba served with?
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Re: Staff Sgt Tomas Taguba
Reply #1 - May 14th, 2004, 2:26pm
TAGUBA EUTIQUIANO P=6738471=SGT=45th INF=Released from Camp O'Donnell, June 6,

TAGUBA HERMOJENO=310688=CPL=26th CAV=Released from Camp O'Donnell, June 6, 1942;

Above were the only two Tagubas released from Camp O'Donnell.

It must be Eutiquiano.  Tomas must have been his Americanized Nick Name.  A Filipino in his age group would not be baptized with the name Tomas.  Hermojeno was probably a relative.

Federico Baldassarre []
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D. Taguba

Re: Staff Sgt Tomas Taguba
Reply #2 - May 28th, 2004, 12:24am
For the record:
Eutiquiano Taguba was not a"Nickname" for Tomas.

There is a "Tomas" (Not Thomas) Taguba who was also in Bataan but escaped before June 1942. Father of Maj General Antonio Taguba.

Hermojeno Taguba was also a POW in Bataan.

All three are cousins.

How do I know?  Eutiquiano is my father. He passed away 1999.

Tag Taguba.
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