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War memories of ww11 of a 7 year old (Read 6630 times)
Joaquin Silfavan Jr.

War memories of ww11 of a 7 year old
May 01st, 2004, 9:05pm
totofjpeDec. 8 1941 I was 7, yrs of age My father is Joaquin Silfavan of the 14th Eng. stationed in Ft. W. Mckinley during the war. I was born in Corregidor in May of 1934I had a picture to proved it. My mother once told me why we were in Corregidor, my father being in the construction corp of engineer, he was assigned on the build up of the Malinta tunnel and several building.
When his duty was done in Corregidor they move us in Baguio there he was also assigned in the costruction of Camp John Hay, and also Burnham park. This was also related by my mother, when she was alive, she passed away in 1985. My dad passed away on Nov. 1960,
  When the war started we were in the town of Pasig Rizal few miles from Mckinley, the feast of Immaculate Concepcion. was a big celebration in town. I remember seeing some japanese airplane straffing the barrio, the nickname for Mckinley.Few weeks later we found ourselves my mom and 3 sisters of mine in the freight train with  several hundreds of families, from 57th and 45th, Those american prisoners on hellships and loaded on the train upon their stories we knew what they were talking about, we were on the train for about 5 to 7 hours our destination unknown, I don't how we survived that ordeal. This was only the first half of hardship, we were told to embarked in a town called Lucban Tayabas. This place was about the same as we had been, in Mckinley, we were docking airplane bullets,in Luckban we were in the middle of a fire fight between  armies of the philippines and the landing forces of japan. Someone from the barrio took over the leadership of the close knit families, they were 3 or 4 families with us who went along the offer of safety and good ole food. From Luckban came the long walk I mean real long walk, I would say about for a childs point of view was unending venture. There was the most rugged terrain, the high hill top, the mountenous ranges that you could immagine, the slippery and muddy path way, not counting insect such as ants, bugs, you name it we saw it, I don't remember how we got the food to eat. This someone chose the mountains to cross for our destination, because of safety from encountering any japanese . When the war ended we found ourselves in the same town we left, the celebration of the town fiesta was interrupted by the japanese airplane, this time we had our own family celebration  with our family friends and relatives.My dad knows what we had experienced  so he brought with him a jeep load of food from the commisary,
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