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Benigno Camino (Read 1630 times)
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Benigno Camino
Mar 22nd, 2004, 4:41pm
My greetings, Gentlemen .
 I am Monaliza, from Angeles city, Philippines.
 I hope there would be somebody out there who could help me in my research.
The subject of my research is my grandfather, Benigno
Camino.  Some informations I have about him are the following:
 He was a Philippine Scouts attached as a unit to the
regular US Army. His last entry date was in 1941.He last served in the service company of the 12th quartermaster regiment Philippine Scouts.  
 I understand that he was inducted/entered the regular
US Army and stationed in Fort Stotsenburg since the early 1920’s until the outbreak of WWII. He  was killed in action, April 10,1942 . His surviving family which includes my mother remained in the Philippines since then.
 So, most importantly in my research, is to establish
his citizenship during those pre-war years as US Army enlisted personnel.
 Would there be somebody of good nature to help me have some clues , or informations  regarding this matter.
 God bless all our heroes and their heritage of
 Monaliza Esteban

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