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14th Engineers Bn. (PS) (Read 33600 times)
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Re: 14th Engineers Bn. (PS)
Reply #20 - Sep 15th, 2013, 8:59pm
I was wondering why there seems to be no written references to D, E, & F companies of the 14th Eng (PS) during the battle of Bataan. I believe that GEN MacArthur's orders in early Dec 1941 (in accordance with War Department Policy) to convert the Philippine Division from square div to triangular division was the reason that D thru F companies dropped from the available records/notes. The Philippine Div was reduced from 4 infantry regiments to 3 (57th Inf (PS), 45th Inf (PS) & the 31st (US)). Due to the 14th Eng Regiment converting to Battalion, excess personnel were transferred to other arms and services and to assist to manning/training the mobilizing engineer units of the Philippine Army. The remaining 14th Eng companies would provide direct support to the following regiments. A Co supporting 57th Inf (PS), B Co supporting 45th Inf (PS) and C Co supporting the 31st Inf (US). Please jump in if you have any other information or insights.
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