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1  PSHS Message Board / Scouts / My Father Jovito Gubrian 26th Calvary
 on: Jan 5th, 2019, 9:26pm 
Started by JovitosDescendants | Post by JovitosDescendants  
Looking to connect and share stories regarding my father.
He escaped the Bataan Death March with 5 others, only three made it through the tall corn filed at the bend in the road, which he knew was there because of his many times visiting Bataan.

He then went on to performing undercover work taking messages from town to town supporting the resistance.

The messages were rolled up tight and hidden in the stem of his pipe.

Thanks in advance

2  PSHS Message Board / Scouts / Info Request for Joaquin Andres, 23rd FA (PS)
 on: Nov 18th, 2018, 3:40pm 
Started by lmandres | Post by lmandres  

I am a great nephew of PVT Joaquin Andres of the 23rd Field Artillery, Philippine Scouts.  Does anyone have stories or information about him?  If so, I would greatly appreciate to learn more about him.

Leo Andres

3  PSHS Message Board / General / Re: proof of us citizenship of my grandfather
 on: Oct 20th, 2018, 11:03pm 
Started by enrile | Post by jonaban  
Hope we can be help likewise in looking for proof of citizenship for grandfather, who was enlisted since 1919 philippine scouts , 25th f artellery, up to 1942 when he was KIA., may be any military records that will reflect his citizenship status. We trying to have a claim of derivative citizenship.
Hope to hear from you guys.
Best Regards...

4  PSHS Message Board / Scouts / Harold Kenneth "Hal" Snook, Jr 34th Inf
 on: Jun 17th, 2018, 9:07am 
Started by TomHoran | Post by TomHoran  
Hello:-) I am helping the family of Hal Snook, Jr research their grandfather's history in WWII. His discharge papers say "Philippine Scouts." He told them NOTHING about his WWII service. They do know he also fought in the New Guinea campaign, and in the liberation campaign in Mindanao in 1945. As far as I can figure out, he "must" have been in the 34th Infantry Regiment, which had been split off from the 8th division after Pearl Harbor and was attached to 12th Inf Div for the Philippine campaign. Apparently, Snook was trained in chemistry, explosives, communications, cryptoanalysis, and other "commando" skills. He seems to have been familiar with the "Eskaya" dialect of Cebuano, and may have been liaison to them in 1945-46. But he never told his family ANYTHING. They do have one photo of him with a crew of a lumbermill, probably on Mindanao. Can anyone explain why his discharge papers say "Philippine Scouts?" When he reupped for the Korean War, he went into the Air Force as an officer and worked in Japan on radar, but I don't know if he worked radar in WWII. But he kept his WWII activities a secret, even from his family. Thanks very much for any info or advice! I have attached a photo of him in his AF uniform.

5  PSHS Message Board / Scouts / Captain Herman C. Kluge
 on: Apr 29th, 2018, 4:21pm 
Started by noriega4631 | Post by noriega4631  
I am trying to find information on my grandfather, Herman C. Kluge. He was the superintendent of a sawmill until the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. He then became Captain of the 121st Infantry Regiment in the American-Filipino Army. He and my grandmother, Anna Dettbarn Kluge, live with the guerillas in the mountains of North Luzon. My grandfather led the group tormenting the Japanese troops, which finally led to a price of 5,000 pesos for his capture. He surrendered July 4th, 1943 in order to save a village from mass execution. He was taken to a prison camp and later an underground dungeon, referred to as "The Icebox". After months of torture, he was executed November 1, 1943 near Manila. His remains have never been recovered.

Any information about him is appreciated. My grandmother escaped from the Philippines and was never able find word regarding his remains, either.

6  PSHS Message Board / News / Re: Nininger and Six Other MIA Families Sue US Govt
 on: Mar 10th, 2018, 4:45pm 
Started by JohnEakin | Post by JohnEakin  
After ten months of attempting to get the lawsuit thrown out, the US Government has finally filed an answer to the complaint demanding the return of the remains of seven missing servicemembers.  While continuing to object to the disinterment of what are obviously the remains of LT Alexander Nininger, BG Guy Fort and COL Loren Stewart, they have conceded that the remains of the three Cabanatuan POW's can likely be identified.

Because the remains were badly commingled by the untrained contract embalmers employed by Army Graves Registration, the remains of all the men buried in each communal grave must be disinterred, identified and properly reassociated.

In their latest filing, the government informed the court that they have recommended disinterment of all the remains from Cabanatuan Grave 822 and their recommendation is currently pending before the Secretary of the Army.  

They further stated that they have not yet completed their review of Grave 704 and that they will not recommend disinterment of those buried in Grave 407 because they have not yet obtained sufficient DNA reference samples.  This is far from the last word and, considering that several years ago they were ordered to disinter the fourteen men buried in Grave 717 (the Kelder case) and have now conceded Grave 822, it is very likely that they will also recover everyone from these other graves as well as the remains of Nininger, Fort and Stewart.

The below excerpts were taken from the Cabanatuan burial roster.  If you know of any of these other families, please ask them to contact me at bataanmissing at gmail for more information.

Its time the government worked as hard at returning these men to their families as they do to fighting the families in court.

Name, Rank, Unit, Next of Kin or Home of Record

Cabanatuan Grave 822
WALKER JAMES M      Corp      31 Inf      Tim B. Walker; Pawnee, Okla
WOOD ALLEN W      Pfc      194 Tank      Mrs Mabel Wood; Paynesville, Minn
MORGAN ROBERT R      Pvt      7 Mat      Mrs W.M. Morgan; 3519 W. Houston St., San Antonio, Texas
PRUITT BLANCHARD E      Pvt      31 Inf      Mrs J.L. Pruitt; Florien, La
SCHOPP ERWIN H      Pvt      59 CAC      Mrs Mary Schopp; Plymouth, Nebr

Cabanatuan Grave 704
BLAHO PAUL      Corp      409 SC      Mrs Julia Bloho; Westmerland City Pa
WINTERS CHARLES B      Pfc      808 MP      Mrs Guy Zemo; 900 Market St., Wheeling, W. Va
CALKINS WILLIAM E      Pvt      QMC      Joseph E. Calkins; Corneleus, Ore
BRUNTMYER LLOYD R      Pfc      7 Mat      Harry L. Bruntmeyer; 2341 Des Moines St., Des Moines, Iowa
ERWIN KENNETH G      Corp      59 CAC      Mrs Opal G. Erwin; 413 S. Elm., Ponca City, Okla
OHARA THOMAS W      Pvt      680 Ord      Michael O'Hara; 725, 130 St., College Point, N.Y.
CLARK WALTER L      Corp      QMC      Mr Webb Clark; c/0 T.A. Chase; Willite, Calif
DOYASH HAROLD WALTER      Pfc      4 USMC      Mrs Daisy Doyash; 62 Henry St., Detroit, Mich
SMITH HENRY J      Pvt      59 CAC      William H. Smith; Rt #2, Hannibal, New York
HENNESSEY HARLAND J      Pvt      803 CE      Mrs D. Nennessy; 155 Ford St., Boonville, N.Y.

Cabanatuan Grave 407
PERNESTTI MARVIN      Pvt      CWS      Miss H. Pernestte, Mayking, Ky
VON RYCKE ANTHONY      Pvt      AC      13 W. 6th St., Propborbetown, _
CURRY JOHN M      WO      AGD      Dr. R.S. Curry; Poplar Blvd., Jackson, Miss
CHMIELEWSKI RAYMOND V      Pvt      QMC      J.L. Chimiclowski; Lemont, Ill
GARRISON RUSSELL S      Pvt      194 Tank      3051 California St., San Francisco, Calif
KRAMER KENNETH L      Pvt      AC      Mrs N. Kremer; 502 Pilchuck, Everett, Wash
CURD CHARLES W      Pfc      17 Pur      Mrs R.T. Curd; 609 W. Fulton St., Salisbury, N.C.
LYNCH CONDIA      Pvt      31 Inf      Mrs Mary Yarger; 525 LeRoy Ave., Bowling Green, Ohio
HUDSON ISAAC L      Pfc      AC      Mrs J.R. Rawson; 3326 Fifth St., Meridian, Miss
HEGGEMEIER PAUL A      S-Sgt      5 Inter      Mrs Z. Heggemeier; Madison, Kan
CAVENDER ROBERT B      Pvt      31 Inf      Alvina Goodteacher; Sante, Nebr
CRAIG CLEMENT D      Corp      34 Pur      Mrs B.S. Craig; Galina Park, Texas
MARX CLYDE F      Inf      407      _ Marx; 324 Central Ave., Oshkosh, Wisc
DUNCAN WILLIAM J      Pvt      20th AB      Mrs W. Duncan; Rt #11, Box 417, Lamay, Miss
BOLTON LEWIS B      Pvt      21 Pur      Mrs Lvdpy Bolton; Rt #1, Maberham, Tenn
BARTLETT ARNOLD L      Pvt      27 Bomb      Mrs Myrtle S. Heath; Cabot, Vt      dup recno 119021
HANSEN DAVID C      Pfc      27 Bomb      Mrs A. Hanson; 2134 W. 52nd St., Milwaukee, Wisc
EDWARDS WADE      Pvt      SC      Dale Edwards; Breadis, Mont
KINTZ FRANK J JR      Pfc      AC      Mrs Alma G. Kintz; 134 Fontana St., Downcy, Calif
AGREN HAROLD E      2nd Lt      QMC      E.F. Agren; Vashon, Wash
EBY WILLIAM E      Pvt      409 SC      Mrs Earl Eby; 185 Roosevelt Ave., Bend, Ore
WILLIAMS JAMES R      S-Sgt      515 CAC      Mrs James R. Williams; 604 Colbrada St., Portales, N.M.
WORLEY HERBER R      Pvt      31 Inf      Heber Worley, St.; Wilcox Ave., Bell, Calif
MUMFORD WILLIAM M      Pfc      19 aB      Mrs N. Mumford; 115 Highrock St., Nadhers, Mass
WEBB MALCOLM S      Corp      Ord Tank      Regina webb; 1112 Ash St., Lowell, Kentucy
BRIGHT JACK R      Pvt      AC      Mrs J.T. Bright; Henderson, Texas
WRIGLEY HARRY G      Pvt      AMC      T.S. Wrigley; 412 28th St., Baltimore, Md

7  PSHS Message Board / News / Nininger and Six Other MIA Families Sue US Govt
 on: May 26th, 2017, 7:53pm 
Started by JohnEakin | Post by JohnEakin  
Families of Seven Missing U.S. Servicemen File Suit Against U.S. Government

San Antonio, TX – May 26, 2017 - The families of seven soldiers missing from World War II have filed suit in U.S. District Court in San Antonio demanding that the U.S. Government return the remains of their missing family members.

Thousands of American Servicemen remain missing from the Battle of Bataan and the Bataan Death March Seventy-Five years ago. Some were killed by the enemy and some died of disease and malnutrition while prisoners in brutal camps. Their families never knew where or how they died and never received the closure that comes with burial of loved ones. Recently released documents show that the U.S. Government negligently failed to identify the remains of thousands of missing servicemen and buried them as Unknowns in the Manila American Cemetery to avoid responsibility.

Among the missing was 1LT Alexander R. "Sandy" Nininger who was awarded the first Medal of Honor of WWII. Five times Army Graves Registration recommended identification of his remains, and five times Washington disapproved because the incorrectly calculated height of the remains didn't match his known height.  The remains of Lt Nininger are buried in Grave number J-7-20.

The remains of Colonel Loren P. Stewart, commander of the 51st Infantry Regiment, were not identified because investigators misspelled his name as STUART and couldn't find his dental records. The remains of COL Stewart are buried in Grave number N-15-19.

Brigadier General Guy O. Fort commanded the 81st Infantry Division until he was captured and executed by the enemy in retaliation for his guerrilla activities. His execution was witnessed by the Provincial Governor who was also a prisoner. After the war, Governor Cruz recovered the remains and presented them to the Army with a sworn statement that they were the general's remains. In this statement he said that when the enemy bayoneted the general, he heard him shout, "You may get me but you will never get the United States of America."  The remains of General Fort are buried in Grave number L-8-113.

Also joining the suit demanding the return of their loved ones are the families of PFC Lloyd Bruntmyer, Private Robert R. Morgan, PFC David Hansen, and Private Arthur H. "Bud" Kelder, all of whom died of disease and starvation in the infamous Cabanatuan POW Camp. Kelder was the subject of prior litigation in which the government agreed to return his remains to his family, but ultimately handed over only three bones. Investigation revealed that the Government's highly touted DNA identification laboratory has neither the capacity nor the capability of identifying more than a small handful of remains each year.

Link to complaint filed in U.S. District Court

Link to Press release

8  PSHS Message Board / Civilian Internees/POWs / Re: Walter & Elizabeth Herlinger: were they internees?
 on: May 10th, 2017, 3:29pm 
Started by mbaum | Post by MAURICE_FRANCIS  
I have just seen your message from 2014. I am an internee researcher and although I am unable to find any information myself I might still be able to help via my contacts  -  Kind Regards  -  Maurice

Maurice Francis : 11 Gilmour Crescent, Claines,  Worcester WR3 7PH, England - Tel: 01905 454127 -  Mobile : 07752533956  -  Email:

9  PSHS Message Board / Scouts / Requesting unit information.
 on: May 30th, 2016, 8:21pm 
Started by Andre Santillana | Post by Andre Santillana  
I am seeking information on two units:
1. 808th Military Police Company
2. 5th Military Police BN AUS

I would appreciate any information, leads and suggestions you may have reading these units.

Thank you very much.

10  PSHS Message Board / Scouts / Emiliano Paredes 26th Cavalry Machine Gun Troop
 on: Dec 29th, 2015, 5:43pm 
Started by chris paredes | Post by chris paredes  
I am the grandson of Private first class Emiliano G Paredes. I was wondering if anyone has any info/stories about him. I was able to find some military records about him but not really detailed. Any info would be appreciated.

Chris Paredes