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Philippine Scouts 26th Cavalry Ceremonial Mounted Unit to be in the Tournament of Roses 2017 Rose Parade

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Los Angeles, CA - Sept. 23, 2016: The Los Angeles based 26th Cavalry (PS) Ceremonial Mounted Unit which honors the legacy of the US Army’s 26th Cavalry Regiment (Philippine Scouts) has been invited to be one of twenty Equestrian Units in the 2017 Rose Parade to be held on January 2, 2017 and will also participate in the Tournament of Roses Equestfest on December 29, 2016 to be held at the LA Equestrian Center in Burbank CA.

26th CMU at the
2016 Equestfest

26th CMU with the
2015 Rose Queen and her Court

This will be the first time that a historical Filipino and American US Army Unit, the Philippine Scouts, will be featured and this unique World War II Unit will be represented in the parade by the Los Angeles based living history group named the 26th Cavalry Ceremonial Mounted Unit (26th Cavalry CMU) comprised of equestrians living in California. The historical Philippine Scouts were composed of Filipino enlisted men commanded by American Officers. General Douglas MacArthur was their Supreme Commander and they were often called “MacArthur’s Soldiers”.

With the theme of the upcoming Tournament of Roses being “Echoes of Success”, the 26th Cavalry (PS) Ceremonial Mounted Unit and its affiliate – the Lt. Alexander Nininger Living History Company (Lt. Alexander Nininger LHC), fit right into this year’s theme by representing Military Units of America’s Greatest Generation and the success they had in defeating the problems and tribulations of their time. The story of the Philippine Scouts reverberates and echoes their success through slogans coined by men who experienced those times, “I Shall Return”, “Strong to Endure”, “Anywhere, Anytime” and “Our Strength is in Loyalty”. At Equestfest, the 26th Cavalry CMU and Lt. Alexander Nininger Living historians will be dressed in vintage World War II period US Army Philippine Scouts Cavalry and Infantry uniforms and field gear and the horses will be adorned in WW II period style tack, saddles, stirrups, saddle bags, blanket and bed rolls. The Living History Units will also be exhibiting Philippine Scout history through uniformed Living History by exhibiting period artifacts of field equipment, medals, uniforms, memorabilia weaponry, posters, pictures and books on the subject of the US Army’s Philippine Scouts. As a special feature, several descendants of World War II Filipino 26th Cavalry Troopers will there to present first hand experiences of their relatives who were on the front lines in battles in Damotis, Pangasinan, Pampanga and Bataan Philippines and survived. The exhibits will also feature books from various writers about the 26th Cavalry (PS) with several books giving an account of the “last organized charge of a US Cavalry unit against an enemy” which was led by Lt. Edwin Ramsey, a decorated War Hero who lived in Los Angeles, CA.

The group was formed to honor a gallant Group of Filipino soldiers and their American officers who seriously affected and delayed Japanese Imperial Army plans on conquering the Pacific Far East and invade Australia in 1941. With the Southern California are having the largest concentration of Filipino Americans in the United States and having an opportunity to tell the whole world about the valiant Philippine Scouts, the 26th Cavalry CMU and the Lt. Alexander Nininger LHC are greatly honored to participate in the Tournament of Roses Equestfest and Rose Parade.

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